It seems that in our search to understand life, we as people, instinctively observe patterns and correspondences.
The observations we make can hardly be considered as facts, but rather as a flowing stream of sensations that is stirred by observations that may be shaped into theories.
These theories try to identify which of the sensations we experience as observations, are real and which illusory.
But even the most tightly reasoned and empirically supported theories rest ultimately on in-provable assumptions.
General ‘Truths’ are vulnerable to empirical methods and become articles of conviction. These articles of conviction resonate with some individuals and not with others. Why?

Just like mathematics, the world of psychology, philosophy, and Tarot, uses systems of symbols as a language of understanding. The premise is that there are correspondences between patterns in symbol, and pragmatically observed life events. Also, that pragmatically observed life events, corresponds to the observed patterns in symbol.

The correspondences between symbol systems and life events are undeniable, but not yet explainable. The reason it seems so unexplained, is that the correspondences we observe, depends on an individual’s sensory perception, reason and therefore perspective.

It is apparent that individual’s worldviews, are deeply influenced by their early conditioning, culture, emotional needs, intelligence exposure, and contact with alternative views.
For instance; St. Thomas Aquinas of the Catholic Church, John Nelson, a mathematician, and Carl Gustav Jung a psychiatrist, derived different ways of explaining life from observing and experiencing symbols.

Each time you listen to a theory or a perspective from anyone, they give you a version of reality as perceived form the Archetypal cluster innately in their psyche. The lens that they look through gives you a view of those particular Archetypes. You see life in that moment through the eyes of the person who presents their worldview. You might or might not resonate with the person’s archetypal perspective, as they are either present, activated or latent in you. The important thing to know is that you are given a perspective from an Archetype in that person that is one, or more, of the valid Archetypal realities in life, that you need to consider.

When we can recognize and identify the Archetypes, their purpose, and their healing properties, we derive at an understanding of the purpose of diversity, present in all of us. We usually think that we are one-sided because of ignorance and identification.

The Archetypal life cycles are processes; some of these cycles are calculated by the birth date, while others are in-calculable. The cycles inform us of how every human transition through systematic, opportunities, filled with potential insight.  The unconscious activates this insight, through the observation of symptoms and experiences, with their correspondences to the Archetypal themes.

I believe that we are participating in a process of enforcement towards something…. evolution perhaps? But do we see progress in what we know and understand in our handling and using of Life? Do you? Are we any closer to solving the mysteries we grapple with being exposed to life, or do we just think we are?

Does anything change for us when we gain realizations or does things quickly continue to carry on in its usual cycles as before?

How do we then grow, change, or evolve? Insight and understanding is not enough.

At the Golden Globes Awards Ceremony in January, the adored actress, Meryl Streep gave an acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award (a lifetime achievement award). She said: ‘An actor’s only job is to enter the lives of people who are different from us, and let you feel what that feels like.’ She connected this statement with the following thought: ‘We have to remind each other of the privilege and the responsibility of the act of empathy.’

Can imagine what happens to a person who takes on the personality of another for a while, living life as they may? It requires that actor to truly empathize with the character they portray. How, you may ask, does that help anyone to experience empathy for another?

I believe that when you start to experience and recognize another person through the archetypes they represent, you realize the potential of that archetype in yourself. This is how you cultivate empathy. This kind of empathy shines a light on the parts of yourself that you might not want to see. In other words, it helps you discover your ‘shadows’ and have more compassion for the ‘other’.

We learn about the parts of Life and Existence – the stuff we are made of – when we experience the archetypes. When you allow yourself to experience the essence of an archetype, you grow consciousness and find meaning in events and realize the ‘parts’ life is made up of, and those same ‘stuff’ that you consist of.

The better we know ourselves the better we can participate in becoming ‘whole or healed’, the better we can serve our mission to be a mirror of compassion to all.

I believe that we perceive and interpret experience from the perspective of a ruling Archetype or a cluster of ruling Archetypes, within the potential pool of all Archetypes, available in our personality. Observing the responses of my clients over time, I deduced a system of recognizable Archetypal patterns which can be identified in correspondence with Tarot and my Mirrors to your Soul™ Archetypal Images.

A reading of The Tarot, and the Mirrors to your Soul™ images (a modern deduction of the Tarot Archetypes) helps me to enter the world of a person, with the help of the objective Archetypal landscape in mind. The objective for me as a Psychotherapist is to wait for the person’s psyche to indicate the appropriate clue that corresponds with the ‘reading’. Once the Archetypal energy is recognized (by correspondence), in the words, dreams, experience, and emotions of the client, the focus is on the issue that the person’s psyche wants illumination about. The unique expression of the person’s Archetypal energy, as it presents itself in the challenge, both explains the challenge and guides the way out of the challenge. Because the focus is now on the exact Archetypal expression itself that created the challenge and contains the solution (from understanding the objectives of these Archetypes), the collaboration between the client and me as a therapist can come to a resolution about the person’s healing journey.  More healing tools is then uses to proceed.

My objective is to teach the underlying meanings and purpose of the Archetypes, and why we identify with them, why they express themselves in our lives in such a powerful way, and how to use them for personal and collective healing.

The nature of today’s discussion is such to give you a glimpse of how to evolve through empathy, because of your encounters with the Archetypes. The Tarot-map (among others), indicates the themes you live through. As you follow these themes and observe the correspondences with your subtle and not so subtle emotional questions, you gain insight to be able to grow in compassion for self and others, which equals healing.

As we engage with and meet the intense truth revealed in each archetype, connect with the part inside yourself that resonates with this reality. See if you can recognize that energy inside you and sense its reality as it might express itself or want to express itself through you.

To know more please join my Mirrors to your Soul™ Divine Your Evolution,  Online Seminar Sessions.

Love and Blessings,



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