Mirrors to your Soul™ Archetypal Images are used to determine your Soul Archetype (sometimes incalculable). The ‘Divine your Evolution’, online creativity circle, that starts on Sunday 3pm. EDT, (https://www.genian.net/workshops.html), helps you understand your personal psychology, and the power portal in your physical body, related to your Archetypes. This online series of interactive seminars support your conscious evolution through getting you in touch with the shadow side of your personality, and moving you forward, empowered to face life anew.

Here is a short video-clip of Charlie who attended my presentation at the NWTS last Saturday. See how he already discovered a little secret for himself. There is much more to be unveiled in my seminars. Come join me!


Registration opens for the Mirrors to your Soul™, Divine your Evolution, online creativity circle, at 12 pm EST today, March 8. Registration closes on Saturday March 11 at 12 pm. EST
Visit www.genian.net and go to the workshop page to enroll with PayPal.


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