The divide between those who seems powerful and controlling, against those who are humble and accepting, are growing. Has this trend anything to do with patriarchy?

In general, and in politics, people find themselves on either of the sides of this divide. Something is happening in our collective psyche that is surfacing a longstanding traditional pattern, more blatant than ever.

The resurgence of hyper-masculinity against feminine qualities, expresses itself in arrogance, grandiosity, and patriarchal contempt for anyone that have compassion or protects the land, nature, women or the vulnerable. Especially those who seems different to the conventional, patriarchal norm, are treated with disrespect.

This divide between all people is a collective crisis in urgent need of being addressed. The path of addressing such a crisis is however unfamiliar and uncertain. No-one, but a few brave individual souls have truly ventured on a personal path of creating truly egalitarian relationships.

I believe that this collective crisis is part of a necessary process that brings about refection on what we as a humanity has become and it urges us to take urgent repair measures, before we destroy ourselves.

How long will it take us to acknowledge the Aboriginal peoples of our country? They are the ones who are the caretakers of our Mother Earth, and yet no-one wants to listen to them. These are our brothers and sisters whose job it is to teach and remind us of the preciousness of Nature, which we are busy destroying.

How long will it take for us to acknowledge our mothers and wives and our compassionate nature? They are the ones who reminds us that nothing can grow and heal without love, nurturing and connection. They are the ones who teaches us to connect and communicate our truth.

How long will it take us to stand firm about respect for each other, no matter our sexual orientation or Religious values? Our regard needs to extend to all those who are different. Violence does not solve disputes, only exaggerate it. The more we humiliate others, the more contempt grows. When we allow grandiosity to thrive, we allow violence and disrespect to breed.

You can help by asserting your need for respect in a respectful manner. You can speak your truth in a firm but friendly manner. You can state your beliefs and develop egalitarian personal relationships, especially in your family. Conquer Fear and champion equality in all of your relationships!

Even though it seems as if misogyny is rampant, its days are counted. Misogyny is outdated and based on patriarchal history. Driven by arrogance about their status, money, intelligence, sex, race, or some aspect, the misogynist considers themselves as more important than another. This attitude is a psychological compensation for a deeper feeling of inferiority. Do not be afraid or over-sympathetic towards such people. They will keep their power over you. The time has come for us to stand together as a diverse community to champion change for the equal good of all. Our differences contribute gifts to the whole we belong to.

Love and Blessings,



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