Archetypal composites: Healer-Hermit, Champion/Director-Emperor, Teacher/Researcher-Hierophant, and Idealist-Magician and lastly Visionary-Chariot.

With the Healer archetype as the most prominent in this case the person suffers a heavy load in the beginning of life. The emotional load is heavy, having seen and felt all possibilities of constructive and destructive choices, in themselves and others, because of their compassion and holistic perspective. The burden exhausts them and escaping life becomes desirable and longed for. The awareness of pain is tangible and felt and held in their whole being. Holding all the parts of life, being all-inclusive about polarities and paradoxes, becomes overwhelming. Only the connection to Divine Consciousness allows for transformation of the pain into Love; they then recognize with compassion how to observe and use these observations to transform, change, and heal.


After a lifetime of feeling the load of life, a desire of ‘flying’ and leaving earth to experience heaven, leaving all burdens behind, being free to live new beginnings, are born.
Flying is not always the kind of flying we know of, but a kind of flying that is unexpected to the human consciousness becomes possible when tuned into Divine understanding from our spiritual perspective. We might think of the desire of flying in a conventional sense, but our Spirit is urging a new kind of flying – in a way never imagined before.
Also, the initial longing and desire to be helped by others to manifest goals, becomes disappointing and always will be so for the Hermit and for the Emperor. This life journey is and always will be a solitary one (Magician, and Hierophant) where one must learn to fly on one’s own. No-one can show the way, but it is to be discovered in isolation, talking, and listening to God in silence. There is but one path and that is the intimate lonely one with God. No-one else can speak for one, and no-one else can interpret God’s messages for one (Teacher/Researcher-Hierophant).
The impatience with people who are removed from their spirit; those who are lodged tightly in their own egocentricity becomes unbearable for the Hermit/Hierophant/Visionary. Ego is not bad, but without awareness the ego can be a serious cage. The impatience of the Visionary is about the unwillingness of those attached to ego identities to see beyond the borders and the bars of their ego-cages. No amount of love and care seem to help render any openness to egocentricity. To the contrary, the opposite happens where a stuck determination remains loyal to their egocentric pain and sorrowful circumstances.
The person with this constellation realizes over and over that their answer is always in surrendering to God/Universe, Creator of all Truth, and Life, instead of ego-self or anyone else, guru or not.

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