One November day, the park around the pond seemed dull and unexciting, almost uninviting, but I took up the courage to go for a walk anyway.


Like the ice beginning to form on the water, I breathed the approaching Winter in, as it crept closer and closer.

Nature was burnt-out, bent, and dry. Life has departed, and snow started to cover death with a crispy shelter.


Every foot-steps soothed my awareness into a cold silence, as my eyes began to open to unexpected beauty.


Textures, colors, and contrasts became exaggerated. Tall and green juxtaposed against short and brown; black dried berries against corn colored grasses, hunted by fluttering chickadees; glimmering white-gold leaves against the watery background; bulrushes standing tall in the wind. Nature is showing her graceful gifts of a passing season.





I take it in with joy.

How unexpectedly Beautiful.


Love and Blessings,

Jayni Bloch

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