To all you Seeing Souls;
Children of the Moon – The deeper the darkness when diving into the moon, the brighter she ignites insights.
To all you Souls of Connection;
Children of Mercury – The sharper the pain, the more piercing the healing.
To all you Souls striving for Beauty;
Children of Venus – The more terrifying the fear, the more peaceful the comfort you share.
To all you Warrior Souls;
Children of Mars – The more enraged your fury, the more inspired your Spiritual efforts to protect humanity.
I don’t need the cards to see you
I already do.
I need the cards for you to see You.
I do not need to curse you
You have already cursed yourself…
I do not need to bless you
You do that too…
I do not need to heal you
You heal yourself when you see
Dare to see the deep dark,
your Spiritual power
Beneath the mask


Love and Blessings,


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