When we draw from the knowledge and wisdom of mythology, we learn of many aspects of the feminine energy related to productivity. It is important here to remember that we are talking about an abstract archetypal quality that manifests in males and females. These qualities are not related to gender. These archetypal qualities exists in both men and woman. We will look at the faces of archetypal masculine qualities later.

I would like us to look at the qualities with the perspective of how they are related in polar ways.

  • World power and Underworld power.

Hera and Juno are both goddesses who are involved with worldly power and status. They hold tradition and marriage partnership in high regard. They identify with their role of wife and empress of the ruler. They hold their position in society because of their marriage, not because of themselves. Understand their roles as a commitment to tradition and partnership to the ruler they are intimately connected to.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton could be an example of someone with a strong Hera energy.

Prince Philip could be an example of a man who lives in this energy.

Persephone and Vesta are concerned with underworld power. The world of the unconscious and the occult is where mediumistic, clairvoyant visions and dreams are important messages for transformation and spiritual growth. This underworld power is an inner guidance and healing connects to psychic power that operates in the soul.

Examples of people who are close examples of these archetypal energies are healers and people who work with the subconscious through symbols, mythology and dreams.

The Gorgon Goddess represents the Crone aspect of the Triple Moon Goddess. As the serpent Goddess of the Libyan Amazons, the dragon of the darkness and raw female instinct, she has the ability to transform anger and reclaim power. The Moon-worshiping priestesses of the African Matriarchies wore masks called gorgoneions, during sacred rituals to invoke the Goddess and guard the secret of the blood mysteries.


  • The Careerist and the Naturist.

Pallas Athena is the representative of feminine logic. She was born from one parent, her father, and it is told that she came out to Zeus’s head, fully armed and ready to compete in the civilized culture of intellect and logic. She is known for her brilliant strategic mind.

Joan of Arch was such a person, as is many career woman and men today who manage to apply strategies to cope with our complex modern high-tech civilization.

The Person who is close to wildlife and nature on the other hand is absorbed and interested in nature mysteries, and nature adventures. Artemis is such a goddess who represents the shaman and virgin qualities. She is a woman on her own who needs no partner. She is in harmony with nature cycles and mysteries.  Present day examples are our aboriginal peoples, women and men, who still honor the earth and nature’s wisdom and teachings.

  • Lover and Mother.

Aphrodite and Venus are archetypes representing the sexual and sensual love and romance and passion aspect of the feminine energy. Venus also represents the creative arts where beauty and creativity are manifested into form. Love is the essence of creativity. Marilyn Monroe was an example of a person becoming too close to being an archetype. There was no balance between archetypes and the single Venetian archetypal energy operated destructively. Jimmy Hendrix falls in the same category, with his talented creative musical expression and sexual and drug indulgences. His life became about pleasure only.

Demeter and Ceres are goddesses concerned with fertility of the body as a vessel for childbearing, nurturance and gestation. They represent the agents of growth, mothering, and bringing to fulfillment those seeds planted as potential in life. The importance of children and food ,with all the aspects around these subjects, is of concern here for all people with a focus on this aspect of the feminine archetype.

The many aspects of the Archetypal feminine qualities are experienced at different times throughout our lifetime or lifetimes. Our genetic family history, shows how the generations before us have learned through experience certain aspects and not others. It is my sincere belief that, today we are remembering the many parts of being so we can integrate them. There is always a next step in our evolution where we create a new way to balance the polarities between all the possibilities that exist in creation. We needed to experience all the different sides in isolation, so that we will be capable of combining the parts into a bigger whole. This is why we experience extreme opposites of the same theme in a process to know every part of a theme.

The external level of existence, mirrors the truth that all the different peoples in this world are all parts of the same one inner world, despite our differences. We are only starting to truly grasp this now.  The implications of assimilation of the many parts are enormous on so many plains of consciousness.  But knowing it is one thing, doing the task is important.

In practical terms, each individual has to recognize the immediate reflections in their outer world that they need to integrate internally, for them to heal and evolve. Remember that it is natural for us to tend to focus on one aspect at one time. Expanding our consciousness is about reminding yourself of the other hidden part of the picture you cannot yet see, all the time when you tend to focus on one side of the reality.

Balance is initiated with the presence and conscious awareness of an opposite position.

So, bring together our outer and inner power, your career and nature lover, as well as the mother and the lover in you.

Love and Blessings,



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