Our Shadow is based on a repression or overcompensation of a human fear or desire, according to the illusionary perception of the human identity one’s personality resonates to. This identity is grounded in one’s DNA heritage as Archetypal. The discomfort that the Shadow creates in human experience, announces a ‘out of alignment’ sensation with one’s true Divine (Universal) destiny.

The gift of the Shadow is to witness your own vulnerability through experiencing a lack of control over life, despite your initial confidence in your own willpower as the master of your own fate. The discomfort in the shadow experience, initiates an honest awareness of your human reality, that triggers an expansive numinous awareness, that confirms your being part of a higher order of events outside of our personal control.

Human perception dislocates us from the truth of our Divine connection and purpose. The true mandate of our soul/spirit is to remember its connection to its Devine essence, and its purpose of activating and manifesting Divine Archetypal essence, that contributes to humanity’s evolution, through your own evolution.

Creativity, Joy and synchronicity flows from living in sync with your divine destiny. For us humans, this process is a constant roller-coaster ride between experiencing and struggling with our shadows, and finding the Light flow unrepentantly through us, because of our willing acceptance and love of our human vulnerabilities. The Feminine Principle of total embrace, brings us in unity with our shadows. It is the embracing of the shadows that makes it possible to grow the fruit of Divine Illumination. The seeds of discomfort and pain grows into Joy, Creativity and Love, without any human effort.

This evolution can only manifest through embracing the darkness in our silence and relax into the shadow with complete trust and committed observation of our fallibility. There is nothing to control, do or force; only the practice of observation and acceptance is helpful to instigates evolutional illumination. This is what Divine flow requires. Thereafter we choose to observe, accept and choose Divine destiny, instead of human control to fulfill our desires of prevent our fears.

You are a vessel through which Divine Essence flows.

Love and Blessings,


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