I recently experienced a wonderful time in Nature – the sacredness of breath and healing in the company of the ancients, the Redwood forests in Crescent City in California, USA. In the presence of these giant essences, I once again realized the power of my body as the earth, just as I felt her healing here in the forest; her complete embrace and patient acceptance. She connected me again with the depths of eternal cycles of life and death, where time stops in spite of time…where forest creatures appear and tell their stories, inviting me to their realms, where I remember my earthly journey and the purpose of life. Love and creativity is shared abundantly, without need or greed, in the forest. She just serves in continuous blessings and creates new life eternally from the old outlived that informs destiny.

Jayni- (2 of 2)

Can I live with abundant love in service to all that exists in my community like her?

All the elements and creatures and essences are alive and contribute powerfully to the Forest community. They are all eager to tell their stories and share their mysteries and medicine with me to confirm the urgency of Life as a gift that needs to be shared and repaired through Love and Acceptance.
Form, in its true nature, manifest from the essence of consciousness…
create wisely as you awake my friends

Love and Blessings to you all,


Jayni- (1 of 2)-2

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