The earnest need to heal humanity by healing yourself has become a sober urgency.

Just like you, I saw clear indications of the shifting sands, and now it is happening in real time. But more than that, I saw the urgent need for shifting attitudes in every soul on earth. Humanity, and I include our Earth which we are so intimately part of, is changing fast and furiously. We need to wake up to the fact that we can no longer repeat history, or any old patterns that only focus on our personal survival. Now is the time to know that we are all part of each other and the Earth, and we need to take care and consider all of life, not only our own in such selfish ways. We have to have a collective consciousness and conscience. We have to re-connect with life’s truest constructive values and principles. And we all need to be leaders in this beneficial change. I have written about this in my book, ‘The Riddle in the Mirror, a journey in search of healing’, and in many of my blog articles; urging you to embrace the responsibility to stop projecting your ‘shadows’ onto others, and to live according to principles that enhance healing and evolution, instead of fear and repetition of archaic survival instincts, which results in hatred, war and destruction of all.

Ever human needs to dig very deeply to find true values that sustains life and progress for all on earth. The challenges that America is echoing is a symptom that suggest an illness in our whole world today, and in every individual soul. If we do not look towards the future in a new way, without fear of each other, we will destroy ourselves again by repeating historical patterns of mistrust, power-hunger and greed over each other. This is a time to grow forward and we need to find ways to do that. We have to conduct ourselves in totally new ways with each other.  The new mind-sets in our psyches, determines how we choose our leaders and how we behave to sustain life with progressive principles, not outmoded ones. We have never been here in this place in time before and should only look back on old processes to learn from it and to be guided to not repeat painful history. The path forward is a new one which requires new attitudes and respect for all life.

Our immediate challenge in the current political climate is to understand the urgency of healing ourselves and in that way heal our humanity. The political chaos indicates unsolved collective pain that originated in our past and still control every individual’s DNA. We are a lost humanity, because we have not taken care of our own healing or each other properly. We discard cancerous poverty, violence, hatred and pain in life, as belonging to others. Yet, we carry the illness of painful inhumane memories, without realizing it, and then project it onto others as to be blamed for all that goes wrong in our world. But we are all part of one earth. Whatever we do to our neighbor we do to ourselves. Attitudes are energy that ripples strongly throughout the world and the universe. It is our ‘energy’ that informs our action and our healing. Elevate your personal energy from a fear and self-centered attitudes, to that of hope, trust, discernment, compassion, and innovation.

I am so impressed by Jon Meacham’s latest book, ‘The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels’, (Random House 2018). This man writes with true scholarly insight, not only about America’s history, but touches on the essence of the human soul’s need to heal and grow. Jon Meacham says rightly that a president (I will say any true leader) inspires people with hope to move forward not backwards through fear or pointing fingers. Most of the current so-called leaders are driven by greed and power, not by the true impulse to lead collective humanity towards growth and recovery of the past. Be sure to vote for leaders that leads humanity towards a constructive future. But, most of all, be that constructive leader yourself in your personal world.

Each one of us needs to work on ourselves; whatever fear lingers in your psyche, address it instead of projecting it onto others. Own responsibility for your own healing. We need, now more than ever before, to work towards healing our past wounds, and in that way contribute to the healing of humanity. We need to take care of ourselves, our earth and each other.

Love and Blessings to you all,

Jayni Bloch

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