Directly invoke the presence of Divine frequencies into your life, by communicating and relating directly to that Numinous energy in all that is, including you. Become aware of not only your human personality, but your Divine Nature, as you are part of all of creation. This means that you see your physical body connected to all physical nature (mother earth and all life as we know it and beyond). You see your emotions as clear personal experiences that informs you of the human condition, which you share with humanity. We as a collective has collected eons of wounds together. You see your mind as a personal tool connected to the collective insight, wisdom and search for understanding and meaning, as well as the amazing ability to make choices. The more in alignment you are with Divine Will the more your choices contributes to healing of yourself and those around you.

Transform negative emotions, which sometimes presents itself in the form of fear and aspiration, into insight and compassion, creativity and service, by free choice. There is always a competition between the egocentric personality and your Divine Nature. Staying locked in your personality perspective and giving in to act in response to your needs and fears, results in repeating emotional conflict patterns, fears and unreachable desires. The question to ask when you are aware of negativity is, ‘how does this emotional discomfort serve my awareness to align myself with Divine Will and make choices that serves transformation and healing?’

Trust what you fear and feel, as legitimate human emotions that inform you of your personal perspective on collective human woundedness that is also part our you. Everyone carries collective wounds and need to heal personally to contribute to personal as well as collective wholeness. Acknowledge and accept your scary, painful, and conflicting human emotions unconditionally, as experiences that, from a Divine point of view, helps the human soul grow compassion for the collective. All human wounds are alive in our DNA. These wounds contain the seed of evolution in consciousness. Transformation of the uncomfortable and sometimes destructive emotions happen alchemically, by aligning and acting with Divine Will. This happens through cultivating a relationship with, and constantly invoking the presence of Divine Light (Heaven) and Love (Earth) into your human body-mind-soul-spirit vehicle.  The choice to act according to Divine Will, is what true ‘free will’ really means. You recognize your human state and human emotions from human fears and needs but choose to respond according to Divine Will instead of your personality’s will.

Transformation of negativity is a permanent and sustainable solution. Discarding, repressing, projecting and the acting out of negative emotions, creates more of the same with no growth or healing possible. Instead of regurgitating the negative emotions back into the ethers, rather transform them with love and acceptance to heal them instead of perpetuating and recycling negativity.

Love and Blessings,


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