Most people are innocent and oblivious about the dangers of psychopathy, especially if you are inclined to be compassionate. Psychopaths are destructive and dangerous, they toy with our psyches. Get out of their way if you are sensitive or be very sure that you have the spiritual warrior capacity to go up against them if you dare.

Inform yourself about psychopathy. Psychopathy in people are more common than initially realised, because not all psychopaths turn out to be institutionalized or become ax-murderers. No, they can become world leaders and CEO’s of companies with self-centred agendas that destroy the good for the whole of humanity and only benefit themselves and their personal agendas. Psychopaths can also be your average person who manipulate their way into your life as a partner or friend to perpetuate their own psychological pathology. This is why we need to be aware of the signs and effects of psychopathy as it happens in real life relationships, as well as in public life. The ruthless features of manipulation, deception and trickery in a person with enormous grandiose confidence, can control and defeat another’s rights aggressively and recklessly with impulsive and self-righteous attitude and behaviour to promote personal agendas, despite the consequential devastation it causes. Psychopaths can also pretend to be affectionate and compassionate, deceiving you into believing their authenticity, while they have in truth no capacity for true emotional attachment. There is a continuum of possibilities on the psychopathy scale that ranges from very aggressive to incompetent. A psychopath’s behaviour always contradicts their words, and you always sense that with your gut sense, before the evidence reveals this fact. Their verbal rhetoric is confusingly convincing though. Remember this and brace yourself against this manipulation.

Psychopaths usually impress others with their certain, ruthless and unblinking confidence, even in the light of contraindicative evidence. Their unblinking confidence makes any normal person doubt their own sense of truth or values, to give in to the ruthless discourse of the psychopath’s will that is usually seeped in lies.  Psychopaths are convincing and have a powerful demeanor that tries to intimidate and convince others of their righteousness, while they are in reality completely deceitful. Psychopaths have no empathy for anyone at all but can give the impression of warmth when they need to manipulate. They are only interested in control and winning. They try to have others commit to them, disguising reality into a picture they want others to believe, no matter the cost.

The reason for believing and trusting a psychopath is dangerous, because you learn to dis-trust your own sense of what is right, or your own internal moral integrity and internal observations and clues of the truth. Psychopaths have an uncanny ability to confuse a normal person’s moral compass and create doubt in your personal internal monitors.

If you perceive a lack of remorse, irrevocable confidence in the face of disgrace or mistakes, lack of consistency, conscience, and a disregard of other people’s feelings or experiences, you are dealing with a psychopath.

People with a lot of compassion for others find it hard to believe that there are people in the world with no ability for compassion or empathy for others. They believe that everyone is like they are, but not so. Wake up people, there are ruthless people in the world that stirs havoc and you need to know who they are and know how to treat them without becoming a victim of their manipulations. The cruel devastation they leave in their wake is a lack of self-respect or worthiness in the individuals and destructive relationships between everyone.

Know to recognize and acknowledge to yourself who these people are in your environment, and do not allow your compassion to make you a victim of their cruelty with devastating consequences to your own soul, as well as with your relationships to people around you. It takes an emotionally strong character to stand their ground against a psychopath. An empathic personality needs to put their empathy aside and become ruthlessly unemotional and unsympathetic themselves, to confront a psychopath with their own medicine. The cold hard unblinking unemotional truth and unwavering stance is the only way to outwit the psychopath.

This is, buy the way, why people like Trump only respects ruthless cold behaviour from other dictators like Putin, for instance. Psychopaths do not have respect for graciousness and compassion, only for others with ruthless power. They fear and desire absolute power, all at once, whether in an individual who wants to control their relationship or friendship, or a group or country leader controlling a company, party or country.

Be firm and stand your ground without lowering your moral standards. Make positive choices to fight the battles you are empowered to fight and leave the ruthless battles to the people who are chosen to do so with moral integrity. Let’s choose wise leaders that can confront the misfit governors of the world in strong and moral ways without provoking war and conflict amongst ordinary people. Be alert against being manipulated by immoral leaders. Wake up to live with more integrity in each of your personal worlds. Know your own strengths and weaknesses, we are all on earth to support each other with our unique gifts and strengths. We need all our spiritual warrior souls right now.

Blessings to you all,


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