If there is one thing that I have learned in my psychology practice, it is that, what most people fear about their challenges lasting throughout their whole lives, is not true. The themes of their challenges may repeat themselves continuously in new ways throughout life, but the challenges themselves are presented in a variety of scenarios that are meant to provoke insight to urge right action in order to heal, not cause suffering.

Most of us are blind as to the reason for the challenges, and the need for guidance in dealing with these challenges, that leads to healing, are tricky at times. Sometimes pure cognitive strategies help to get us out of emotional pain momentarily, but most of the time, when we are ready to respond to it, only deep insight about the ‘hidden’ root issues can lead us out of distress, towards true change. This is where the use of Astrology and Tarot can support the healing process, when integrated with the traditional psychological methods of psychological therapy.

Cognitive approaches are great when people are conscious of the reasons behind their problems, but it does not always address the true unconscious issues underlying our discomforts, needs and fears. Unconscious repetitive patterns are not only personal, but ancestral, cultural and collective. We need to uncover these themes of pain and fear to learn to move our attitude, action and consciousness towards growth and healing.

When a person experiences subjective turmoil in any form or question whatsoever, it indicates toward the timeliness of an opportunity to make changes. These opportune times of change are indicated by astrological transits (planetary aspects). This means that the symbolic ‘clock’ of personal development, announces a psychological readiness for insight to transpire through the challenge. Whatever people experience subjectively are usually profoundly indicated by the Astrological movements.

Astrology is an unbiased tool that burrows into the psyche’s unconscious and collective processes, to explain and illuminate the archetypal themes at appropriate and timely moments, which needs to be dealt with personally. All people grow through cycles of time. These cycles of time help us focus on certain issues during maturation processes throughout our lives in our ‘becoming’. Astrological ‘transits’ indicates transitional opportunities that most powerfully informs us of the possibilities of healing, when one understands the Archetypal opportunities.

Tarot, and Art, are used as powerful projective tools that focusses on the subjective experiences during times in need of healing. To prevent the danger of using these tools in ways that may confirm the dilemmas and ails, instead of using them to find pathways towards healing, we need to keep the following principles in mind. What is seen as outcomes, are only potential outcomes if nothing deeply insightful is done about the dilemma experienced.

A ‘reading’, whether you use psychological measurements, professional interviews, or Astrology and Tarot, is a snapshot of a particular moment in time that only indicates the potential results of a continuation of what the same mindset up until that moment will deliver. Every moment in a person’s life is projected onto the results of the tool used. We only ‘read’ the moment of when the test or tool is used; the result of the past consciousness up till that point in time. The picture you get only describes the particular consciousness that resulted over time at that particular moment of measurement, not the potential outcome. It only indicates the conditions and consciousness in that moment, and not to events to come. The consciousness of someone at a particular time always holds infinite potential to develop, unfold, and be illuminated, to allow new possibilities to happen in the future. Nothing is fixed. Change is always possible with the right insight and willingness to act. We create reality consciously through right action, but we need to know what that action is. This is where therapy can help with clarity. This is the magic of a dynamic reality when working with consciousness and right action. It is dangerous to suggest otherwise.

Whether a reading is positive or negative it is the consciousness in a person that creates the opportunity to change the reality of the outcome in the end.

An example that demonstrates this principle is that of a Tarot reading that gave a negative and confusing outcome for a woman questioning the viability of a potential relationship with a man she has a lot in common with. The cards indicated, according to the Reader, that the relationship is riddled with difficulties and that the outcome of a permanent relationship will be an unhappy one. Both the people involved are lonely and longing for company. This reading only states the circumstances for that particular moment when the reading is done. The people involved who receive the reading feel confused, ambivalent and in a state of hope as well as fear of how they might handle their relationship with all the painful history they both bring to the relationship. With the help of a good therapist the couple can learn to deal with their personal wounds of past relationships, in a way that clears and contributes to a new supporting and healing relationship if they are willing. So, the outcome changes with consciousness, understanding and working on themselves. But this process of therapy is always a choice with no guarantees. It will not happen if not desired and worked at, but at least they will deal with their issues and not give up on them because of a negative ‘reading’. There is always something we can do about a situation and it is up to us to decide to make that choice and get guidance about how to implement the choices in the right and constructive way, opening up potential happiness.

What we believe about a situation is paramount. It is important to know that our consciousness collaborates with the Archetypal energy we experience as opportunities to find insight that direct the physical circumstances we create. What happens in our consciousness bends destiny.

In the case of an Astrological transits, we actively use the Archetypal energies in effect in a constructive way instead of a negative way. The Archetypal energy available to us during transits are recognized so we use it focused and deliberately. The goal of using objective Astrology, and subjective Tarot tools in psychology, is to gain clarity of where a person resides emotionally and spiritually, at a particular time, and get ideas of how to use the potential of a that time to heal and grow. Each time phase is different with new challenges and insight potentials. Astrology and Tarot is a feedback system that guides our awareness of something we need to see and know. Something from our unconscious spirituality surfaces for us to make choices about. Whatever surfaces may be symbolic themes that needs healing through consciousness. The dormant seeds of spiritual gifts and talents unfolds in the challenges we face.

Blessing to you all,


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