Our fragile lives are like that one shiny drop of dew hanging on a tree branch in the early morning sun. Just like an emerging star lighting up the early night sky with the promise of life outside of convention, we emerge into the next era with no clear sight but hope of being guided through and beyond our own arrogance of thinking that we ‘know’. There is always the surprizes. What will they be and how prepared are we to handle them? Do we cling to the known like that dewdrop on the tree branch or do we let go and see where the wind and the sun takes us?

Let Divine will be my awareness, my action and the consequences of my creative actions. I am the expression of Divine in this unique form, given at this time and place on earth and in heaven. Let Divine Creativity fill the earth and every human heart soul and Spirt with inspiration and love, towards Healing and Life.

Love and Blessings


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