Amazing how events and emotions are unmistakably and perfectly reflected in the astrological transits to one’s birth chart. An amazing example of this happened to me recently. I started experiencing toothache on occasion. The dentist sent me to an orthodontist for a root canal which did not diminish the symptoms. I went through a treatment sequence of antibiotics which also did not improve the symptoms. The orthodontist decided to redo the root canal through the new crown as the only next option to fix the discomfort. We made an appointment. After sitting for an hour in the waiting room while he handled an emergency, the procedure could not be done, because by the time it was my turn, I had to leave to see my own clients. We made another appointment. I began to wonder what all of this waiting and postponing was about and felt doubtful about my having to go through the same uncomfortable root canal operation again.

On the day the second operation finally occurred, I noticed that the transiting Mars was exactly conjunct my natal Mercury and the transiting Venus exactly conjunct my natal Chiron. I then realized in a flash that my awareness and memories during this whole tooth episode, was primarily involved with recognizing and confirming the healing that occurred during my life of old painful emotional experiences. The root canal had to occur on the specific day when Mars and Venus coincided with my personal Mercury and Chiron to finalize the last step in the healing of a ‘root’ issue that was ongoing for a while. Consciousness, emotions, memories, dreams and events all reflect the astronomical transits despite our awareness of it, but it is so much more powerful when we actively and mindfully use the soul’s intelligence in association with Astrology in the ongoing evolution of our psyche.



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