It is the mothers and the wise ones who know that keeping moral principles is essential for the development and maintenance of healthy individuals and a healthy community. Thank you for the brave and courageous women who do not keep quite in the face of immoral behaviour. We all need to hear the warnings and act against disintegration of principles that generates collective demise, on both collective and personal levels.

Recently I saw a family in my office who demonstrated exactly what can happen when the soft voice of ethical insight is not heard or regarded. A mother struggled against the emotional powers of her and her husbands’ parents who spoiled her child to the extent of him learning that he can get away with everything. Her son became self-righteous and involved himself with criminal people and activities. This mother is heartbroken and angry to observe how her son has lost his way and is now creating a life that opposes every moral fibre in her body. She is disappointed about her husband not supporting her visions and insights when it counted, to turn her son around in helping him discover his sense of responsibility and creative direction.

Please hear and respect the soft voice of those who see and keep the values alive that sustain a constructive humanity. Don’t lose the rudder of principles that direct the journey of destiny.

I respect and regard myself for choosing to leave my unhappy early life that was infected with lose principles to save my son to begin a new life. I respect and regard the people who has supported my vision and regarded my principles on this lonely road.

I respect and regard all the women and men who stand for moral principles and remind their communities with action to follow suit. Thank you Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott for standing up against corruption. Times are changing and we all need to wake up against the old rules. The rules have changed and need to change. What worked before does not work any longer. Truth and moral principles count more than ever before, even if leaders pretend that they can bend those rules. Bending moral principles, breaks humanity.

Remember how to identify a true leader. A true leaders brings people together and takes care of everyone, not only some.

Blessings to you all,

Jayni Bloch

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