What does it mean to be psychic in my psychological practice?

It is not easy to comprehend the concept of living psychically, because it is a mysterious phenomenon that cannot be turned on and off by will. It just happens without my knowing and after the fact I realize the extraordinariness of the occurrences. After the fact, I realized that I my psyche turned into something or someone’s emotions who is coming my way soon. It is preparing me to give compassion.

My personal experience is that I start to feel emotions and go through circumstances that, when I observe it intensely carefully with mindful awareness and contemplation, insights occur that inform my choices of behaviour in philosophical and principled ways. But these are creative and not formulaic principles. They are archetypal and unique in every situation for every emotional feeling. Sometimes I don’t know where the feelings come from, because they are not part of my usual way of functioning. After the fact, I always wonder, was this my feeling or was it someone else’s or even universal energies that I felt? It is as if the lines are blurred and I am part of everything and experience all that is happening around me, especially the current collective energies, or someone that is planning to use my services or consult me. By now I just trust that I have to go through the feelings and keep on observing the process inside me until the resolution comes. But it is important to experience what I do as my very personal ones and not through someone else’s eyes. I have to get my hands dirty so to speak, to get to the insights, which I know creates deep compassion for others who experience similar emotions and circumstances. I realize that I discover the way forward by going through these emotional processes that triggers deep contemplation that manifest in creative solutions. The insights I gain becomes the very ones that are needed to be given to the next clients I see who, by synchronicity, in some kind of way experience similar themes in the conditions and emotional triggers I have just experienced. It is as if I am preparing for the therapy sessions in advance, by what goes through my psyche in the form of dreams, waking thoughts that occurs by external triggers, or awareness’s of what I perceive in behaviour around me and in what I read, see on television or movies. My psyche focusses on the themes in ways that prepares it, by going through emotions, for what needs to be given in my services. I have to transform myself through living the emotions first hand and personal, in order to know deeply and give authentically in my therapy. I believe that it is ‘therapy’ that comes through me from Divine inspiration and informed from Divine guidance, and it is not my ego wisdom or knowledge that is important here, because the information that comes from this process is enlightened and powerful. Of course, I have worked for the knowledge and experience I have, but there is something else added here from a willingness to receive from Divine, that I cannot fully explain.  I somehow tap into it and it comes through my physical, emotional and intellectual awareness and experiences that is beyond my human abilities. I feel that what it means to be psychic for me, is to experience and become aware and informed of the next clients dilemma without knowing it, through first personally experience similar emotional and circumstantial themes, to truly give guidance with insight and compassion. To live in service is a sacrifice, because it is hard psychic participation all the time with human life experiences itself, but it is a calling, a gift and a blessing at the same time.

Blessing s to you all,


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