My mother always said: “Bring me flowers while I’m alive; when I’m dead it’s too late”. So I did, and still do. I give people all my ‘flowers of attention and dedication when I’m with them and when not, I send them love; even to my ‘enemies’. I attend to people in my life, whether they know it or not.

I don’t feel much for funerals and get confused with the noise of convention when I attend, because I talk to the dead and they have different stories to tell than the living. I have learned that funerals are not for the dead, but for those who are left behind and there is a purpose for funerals for that reason. If I love the people left behind, I should go give them flowers there, shouldn’t I? I prefer to do so from a distance; in the ethers.

One of my clients, a young man who suffered cancer, died this week. I felt his joy and he ‘told’ me that he finally found the liberation he so longed for, for such a long time. And on the other hand, there is so much sadness on the ground; for his sacrifices of giving his love, trying to heal the conflict between those close to him, was never understood or accepted. He carried the wounds and pain for others without them knowing what he tried to do. No-one wanted to listen. He did spread flowers wherever he went, and it seemed to him as if those flowers he shared, just kept on turning into thorns.

I smile with you now my young friend, as you are safe now. Maybe your power has just increased tenfold from where you are now? You are in direct contact with Love itself. I know what you tried to do.

There are special healer-souls in this world, please listen to their messages. When their words dry up from exhaustion, their bodies do the work trying to heal those they love.

Healer-type people get at times caught up in complex emotional cycles of manipulation where they are taken advantage of for giving flowers. The advantage-takers have learned to expect more and more and has an unquenchable appetite for exploitation without insight into themselves. They usually blame, hurt and project responsibilities outside themselves and never seem to acknowledge the other. There is a time to stop giving, but never stop loving. Love is essential. Personal sacrifice is not necessarily essential. Accept who is how and move on with love.


Jayni Bloch

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