The worlds of dreams, journaling, psychology, astrology, mythology, synchronicities, Tarot and Art became a magical convergence inside me the summer of 2019, after an involuntary physical pause. Over the years these elements of insights have spoken and guided me to be where I am today. I have always felt the presence of Divine Universal guidance in every aspect of my life; mind, body, soul and spirit. I am so privileged to have had many magical and amazing journeys in my life. I have learned from them all. These journeys will continue as long as I am alive.

Now, once again, an altogether new journey is unfolding.  A new journey started to announce itself quietly in my cells. A subtle awareness began as I detected an ending of some kind, but there is no rational evidence of it yet. I know by now that symbolic birth only happens if there is a death of the old. I also know that, because change is painful, Love is the only thing that makes it possible to die one stage of existence and birth into a new one. First, I have to ‘see’ reality as it is and ‘see’ what works and what does not. I need to weed out the outdated and I need to recognise where healing is needed to be able to go forward.

This new journey started in the Summer of 2019, when I felt exhausted and could no longer continue to work the way I did, or live the way I did. I felt like ‘death’ is at the door. Intellectually it was mysterious, because not long ago, I was thriving; on top of the world, in energy and enthusiasm. My ‘burnout’ prompted me to stop and rest. Art was the only desire that drove me forward for the first few days of my sabbatical. My paintbrushes, easel and watercolors came out of the closet. As the pigments started to move over the canvas, lifeforce flowed back into my veins. The first image emerged out of an energetic paining. With no agenda in mind but to rest and find myself again, my unconscious produced a painting that I called “Rebirth”. The reveal was stunning. A woman (me of course) danced her stretched-out chest to the Light, reaching to heavens, with her toe stepping on the death-scull. It reminded me of my personal soul’s modern version of the Fool card in the Tarot. The Fool go forth with trust and faith, stepping into the abyss after losing an empire to Death, starting all over again with new inspiration, when the previous system metaphorically crumbled. The awareness came to me that ‘Rebirth’ was a desire, an intention, that was still far from manifested or embodied.

As soon as this painting was done, I got ill with pneumonia. Simultaneously I came upon Laura Hollick’s online Soul Art Day. My experience during the five hours online guidance was illuminating. My soul was calling out for art. Art was the only way I could connect with ‘me’, talk to ‘me’, manifest my heart’s longings for illumination. Art was always part of my life since a very young child, drawing on walls in my childhood home and teaching my siblings how to draw! Art is in my blood and being. I feel un-whole when I do not do art.

The total Solar Eclipse happend on the second of July 2019. This eclipse was in the 6thhouse (Health crisis) of my relocated Astrological Chart and affected my natal Mars (Action/assertion) in opposition, as well as the North and South Nodes of my Natal Moon (significant destined transitions). At the same time the Planet Uranus was conjunct my natal Mercury (new insights and communications), and trine (120 degrees) from my natal Mars (unexpected directions). An eclipse can announce a crisis of sorts when it affects personal natal planets. There is usually a flood of issues that cannot be avoided or ignored, but the crisis is necessary for development. It is an opportunity for old neglected issues to get attention. Uranus may have insights and unexpected revelations in store. These insights and revelations may be painful but again helpful for growth and healing.

Art helped me to heal deeply. Slowly, my lungs started to clear up. I got ‘stuff’ off my chest, and I got insight after profound insight, on which I now act. Self-care, self-acknowledgment, voicing my truth and opinions without fear, are some of these actions. Being the eldest, I learned to take care of everyone, and it continued until recently that I took care of everyone in life, but myself. I also held the collective humanity and the Earth in my heart as I saw the overwhelming pain in the world.

I realize that I feel for everyone; I sense that I have been everyone at one time, especially when I connect with the Archetypes as they communicate with me.

I see a vision of the future, and the sensation in my body tells me that I still carry the weight of all past human experiences, and I wonder how far back in the past I have gone to collect this ‘future’ self. Right now, I am living through a wild forest of new experiences, a new vision, in this time of reckless change, so I can remember who I am becoming…the new reborn me.

Hey you, Jayni with the Red Face, I hear your blood rumble through your heart as it tumbles Love over the plants and animals of the Earth… and She loves you back because She is you.

Hey you, Jayni with the Yellow face. I feel your breath blow all knowledge and wisdom through every doorway and window in every city over the world and its Divine Light reaches all ears.

Hey you, Jayni with the Black face. I touch the sweat of your passion as you dance barefoot in the dust, stirring up ripples of Inspiration with your song. Your voice of passion rings everyone to action.

Hey you, Jayni with the White face. You swim in the tears of a salty ocean of compassion, teaching and holding the lamp of union.

It has come to my death and only when it comes to Death, am I reborn!

The old me is dying, changing, transforming.  I am moving through pain into new life, giving birth to me. I no longer suppress and deny pain but allow it to inform me to burst open with healing. I am the Witch of Shadows, that dives into the darkness to open shackles and cages, releasing singing rainbows of energy pulsing new Divine life in Love and Healing. I move with the Stars and are supported by the Priest of Stars. My feet are planted in Belonging and these roots are growing strong and wild, connecting the whole Earth. My Heart is flowing strongly with vibrational pulses that echoes Love Universal over the Ethers, as it channels through me form Divine Heavens. My mind swims through many heavens and realities. All of the Universes gather visions here that I am willing and worthy to receive. I have a legitimate place and purpose in this Life.

The remarkable thing is that my ‘Mirrors to your Soul ‘Archetypal images tells the story of this cycle of life, which is almost done it phase, as a rebirthing time for me. It confirms what I am experiencing in my body, emotions and consiousness. It is the Archetypal Portal 4, which is a 10-year ‘Builder’ cycle that will end in 2020. This ten year long 4-cycle ends with symbolic Death before it moves into the next cycle that begins in 2021, which is the ‘Teacher’ Archetype. I do feel how I am readying myself and learning more about this current Builder Archetype. This 4-cycle is about rebuilding structures that has become outdated. That is exactly what I feel is happening in practical terms for me personally in my work. I want to develop new structures to include all of what makes my Soul/Spirit sing in my work. I want to share what I have, who I am, what I came here to do, in more profound and practical ways. I am integrating and embodying all my healing, talents, insights, life-experiences and skills into practical building blocks that can support may own and other’s healing and spiritual growth. This is indeed an evolutionary journey.

The culmination of previous work on the Archetypes and my Archetypal Oracle cards in the Mirrors to your Soul, Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals is now so appropriate.

It is time for me to do authentic work according to how my soul/spirit truly function. I love working with people who want to find their inner Light; their authentic spiritual illumination.

  • My people want to find their own Inner Light, that Light that liberates their soul’s self-expression.
  • They long for the creative processthat ignites this Inner Light in them.
  • They know that Imagination is the wild vehicle through which this illogical and abstract, authentic and unique creative process moves that delivers Beauty, Originality and Divine Light that heals and unites all worlds.
  • They know that this Inner Light sprouts from the chaos and uncertainty of not understanding and not fitting into the logical analytical and cognitive spectrum of life, which disillusions them.
  • They feel uncertain about the chaos in the world today, but they long to find soul clarity through creativity.
  • They long for the healing silence of creativity where a magical alchemy happens.
  • They are observers and willing to accept that their personal, ancestral and the collective pain of humanity, can turn into Light through creative art and their unique liberated self-expressions. My people realize that the creative process transform shadows to light through their authentic self-expressions.

If you are this person, stay connected to learn about future healing circles and gatherings where you can participate with like-minded others in creative processes that ignites your Inner Light.

Love and Blessings,


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