A collective shift is occurring in humanity’s worldview and understanding of how life works. Our children are suffering because of social systems that are stuck in old ideologies. Parents, leaders and teachers who are unable to progress with the new wave of thought, creates extreme conflict and discomfort in the world today. Our youth is already familiar with the new worldview; they are born into it because of their evolved consciousness, but not everyone in the old regime gets that. The old school wants to keep on enforcing old ideas on people. Some people buy into it and others just stay quiet and go along, but some visionary youth rebels against the control. They may commit suicide, become depressed, addicted or create great works of art. What we understand today about family, religion/spirituality, science, government, economics, healthcare, education and community values, have shifted significantly. It is up to us elders to recognize what is happening and wake up to our responsibility and support our youth in the process of creating a new future.

It is impossible to subject our youth to old outdated ideas and expectations. All of humanity need to re-evaluate what principles and values apply to today’s life. 

If we do not do that, our youth rebels because of feeling misunderstood and unrooted. Destruction follows. All adults are required to become responsible for instilling trust and guidance in the form of visionary creativity, in their children, instead of authoritarian, instructive, ridged and judgmental control. Now is the time to come together with our children and figure out in collaboration how to move forward, learning from each other though understanding by empathic listening. Old rules and status quo are outdated people, we are an evolving consciousness.

The cosmos is connected to the psyche and all of Nature. We are both human and spiritual beings. Our spirituality includes all cultures and ancient religious teachings through the different eras of development of consciousness. We are creative humans that are capable of destruction if we do not Love Trust and Create together. We are part of all nations and cultures and belong together and have to work together, not fight over territory or self-grandiosity. Humanity is a unity. Elitism is redundant and inclusiveness of diversity is our salvation. The humble are the prophets and mystics, not the pretentious ‘powerful’ who wants to control others for their own gain.

Listen to your children with compassion and allow yourself to also learn from them as they learn from your experience. Be willing to change and adapt to evolutional influences that are rooted in universal principles of growth and cosmic truth.

Your children need to be truly heard and understood. Take time to hear them without imposing your views on them. When they are heard and feel accepted and trusted, they connect to their inner wisdom and ability to grow and develop.



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