Sometimes, I see how a personality gift/strength can become a ‘shadow’, just like a shadow can also become a gift. Someone seeking help the other day felt unable to get out of a repetitive pattern of feeling trapped in longing for an unavailable relationship. Her strong willpower turned her longing into an ‘obsession’. She kept on manifesting and creating scenarios that confirmed to her that the unavailable man was her ‘soulmate’ and that they were strongly ‘connected’. The relationship however never realizes in reality, and their togetherness keeps on failing.

The power of feeling connected to someone does not mean you are necessarily meant to be together. If attempts to do so keep on failing, you need to make the choice to love and let go, instead of hammering your willpower at your desire, that keeps on failing. Making a choice is the lesson here. Choosing to let go of what is not meant for you is the lesson. Choosing a love that is available to you is what is important. Choice is the purpose of our life on earth – that is our power!

Choice and not willpower bring us to where we need to be. Willpower serves another purpose. When you need to act and the action is right and in alignment with your soul’s growth, that action can be supported by willpower. So, once she made her choice to allow an available love to be in her life, her willpower to set the obsessional idea about the unavailable person free, can support her choice and manifest new happiness. 



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