Hello Everyone,

My Soul/ Spirit wakes me up at 4 am, re-iterating the thoughts and inspirations from life experiences and client engagements. It feels important to work through some concepts with intense intimate attention on the immensity of the mystery of being a human Spirit.

The most difficult step to take, or thing to do in your life does not come from willpower (from your personality), but from a willingness to allow your personality to act from Spirt- and Soul Truth.

The very thing that you ‘don’t want to be or to become’, the very thing you fear, despise or judge, confronts you over and over in your life because it comes from your personality and social conditioning, and mainly involves your Shadow; the suppressed and excluded part of your human nature. Your Higher Self confronts you with these ‘shadow parts’, as if it comes from others or from the outer side without any of your control.  This happens so that you can intergrade the rejected aspects of your human nature in order to heal. To heal means that you become whole in that you connect and bridge all the opposites that exist in your nature as well as the most important opposite between personality and Soul/Spirit.

The very thing you need to get in touch with within yourself, is your shadow, so that you can have more of the ‘quality/essence’ (not necessarily the behaviour) of the shadow, in order to balance into wholeness. Allowing more of that shadow that prompts you, and which your personality fears, brings balance, humility and compassion for all humanity, within your human-spirt and brings out the Spirit Gift that lies dormant in your being. The balance, humility and compassion bring wholeness (healing).

The behaviours that you do too much of, or feel you ‘should do or be like, or ‘desire ‘to be, may come from your personality’s identification of some conditioned idea. It may not support your Soul/Spirit’s Authentic destiny but be concerned with a compensation of kinds. Those are the very things you need to do less of in your life. 

So, if you need to hide; need to be loved or cared for; need to please everyone, need to be dutiful and good; need to be whatever your compulsion, that behaviour is gagging, stabbing and preventing you from healing and growing your authentic Spirt Self-expression of your Gifts. 

Let you Soul/Spirit be your Guide, instead of your personality’s longings and desires or its fears. Ask yourself: Who is gagged, stabbed, humiliated or invisible? Is it your personality or your Soul/Spirit? Your personality feels the gagging, stabbing, humiliation and oppression when you look from the perspective of your personality only. But it is your Soul/Spirit that is gagged, stabbed, humiliated and oppressed by yourself when you allow only your personality to be in charge of our perceptions, instead of both personality and Soul/Spirit. Remember, you live in two realities at the very same moment, every second of your life. Be conscious of that fact as dedicatedly as possible, so that you will remember to use your Spiritual perspective when triggered on the human level. But don’t ignore or disregard your human feelings and responses. Those are the feelings and responses that creates the creative healing work along with the Spiritual awareness, when you don’t get stuck in the human response as a repetitive cycle of behaviour. The personal (personality’s) sensations indicates where your wounds lie, so that you can allow our Soul/Spirt to become our inner Guide and Leader towards creative balance, growth and healing (wholeness). Creativity is wholeness; creativity is the discovery of the healing in new action (behaviour) that comes from linking the wound with the Spiritual Sight (Insight).

To not be gagged, means that more of your Spirit Gift shows and acts, or expresses itself (as authentic essence), through your personality. To not be gagged does not mean that your personality’s needs show itself more.

To not feel stabbed, means that your Spirit Gifts shield’s your worthiness with warrior-like Spirit-power. And, maybe your personality needs to first feel the experience of stabbing someone metaphorically first, before you discover ‘Divine balance’. It is through experience that we learn and grasp the valuable insights of our Soul/Spirit dimension. That is the whole reason why your personality is an asset and not a problem. Your personality on its own becomes a problem when it operates without Soul/Spirit guidance. 

You learn to re-parent yourself when your Soul/Spirit is invited to join your everyday awareness to develop and grow its consciousness in your life experiences. Re-parenting is not only about Loving yourself from a personal perspective but Loving and Guiding yourself from your Soul/Spirit (Higher-Self) perspective. 

If you live life only from your personality’s understandings, needs and fears, you live in half the reality of life. Consciousness includes the personality with its full and multipurpose potential of its many ego-states of humanness, as well as our Higher Spirit and Soul’s Divine Archetypal qualities and realities. Together, the personal and the Soul/Spirit, can create, heal and act for wholeness. 

Claim and accept your birthright now

You are no longer gagged

No-one can stab you

Your heart expands in eternal Joy

Courage reveals an innate Trust that makes you steadfast

Beauty brightens the world from within you

Your Love lights up a dark world

Essential Spirit flows its true nature from your Soul

As your gift reveals Life.



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