Coming from a Dream and Subconscious, Depth Psychology/Hypnotherapy/Jungian perspective, I started to investigate spirituality from an Archetypal level, in my thirties. When we authentically tune in on the deepest Spiritual levels, we all come to similar conclusions, even though these findings may differ slightly or rather come from very specific archetypal viewpoints or focus-points. Truth is truth and I think we tap into the ‘Archaic records’, and these ‘records’ may also keep on developing as our collective consciousness progress to the next level of ‘reality’ or resonance of being. I consider myself an explorer of embodied experiences that corresponds with both old and new wisdoms, to make a path or product that works practically for the advancement of consciousness.

Using dreams, synchronicities, experiences, and doing art, I explored the archetypes from various scientific and esoteric worldviews, which also included Tarot and Astrology. I also explored the compatibility of the Engram with Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, Archetypes and Soul-Types. I lived through experiences observing the qualities of One, through to Nine and definitely resonate with all of them. I also observed when and how which energies came to the forefront, why and when, and how they danced together as a whole.

My mission was I to explore personally experienced embodied qualities to investigate the core Archetypes, which I concluded were only NINE (like the core numbers that makes up all others), so that they would speak for themselves. Observing, my own as well as my client’s experiences very closely in practice, making notes over more than two decades, contemplating synchronicities and noticing how they compared to all the written concepts in the various worldviews, I have put together a little booklet/tool; written and accompanied by watercolour paintings that contains the resonance (vibration) of these basic Nine Archetypes that I distilled from observation.

Each of these Archetypes describes the Psychological dynamic underlying human behaviour and a ‘healing practice’ that supports moving form an unhelpful to a constructive alignment. I feel so strongly therefore, that we all have developing archetypal focusses that are not singular, but multi-layered. I also noticed and concluded that there are calculable stages of developmental processes that we go through that challenges us with specific spiritual themes of transformational tasks which I call Archetypal phases, and they resonate with the NINE core Archetypes; which I believe can express themselves in a multitude of ways, but always come down to the nine core themes.

We all notice intuitively how we are challenged with specific themes during specific times, and even use certain words echoing those themes, unconsciously. It is amazing to work with these transformational themes consciously. In my own life and in those of my clients, awareness of the Archetypal cycles helps use time for the right transformational reasons.

One such a 10-year cycle of a particular theme transitioned into a new 10-year theme this past year, just after my birthday in May 2019. The conclusion of the Key 4 theme experience, as describes in my Mirrors to your Soul -keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals (2016), booklet, transitioned into the next phase, that of the Key 5.

Let me explain what happened.

Key 4 describes the Archetypal Portal 4, which resonated energetically with the lower abdomen, the 2nd Chakra or Hara. This Archetype corresponds with the Tarot mythology of how the Emperor builds an empire with dedicated organizational skills into practical systems that serves community with compassion, but then experience Death of it all, through a breakdown and annihilation of these systems or ‘war’ of some kind, which forces the Emperor to turn into The Fool who undertakes a new and inevitable journey into the unknown, equipped with only instinct and trust.

When the Key 4 phase became active over the last ten years, I undeniably experienced all of the Archetypal energies of this portal vividly. For instance, a practical creativity emerged desiring to take the lead in championing humanity though re-invented and modernized psychological services. I created the ‘Mirrors to your Soul, Keys to unlock Divine Archetypal Portals’ booklet as a self-help tool. The shadow side of this Key 4 energy is depression and the fear of loss, which for me became evident in the ‘sensitivity to the vibration of pain’; my own and that of humanity. Key 4 is an Empath, sensitive to all emotions and sometimes want to be the saving ‘hero’ of all, feeling heavy with the sense of responsibility (and if not that, they want to be saved by a ‘hero’).

My 10-year Key 4 cycle started in 2010-2011 and moved through the Keys till now when It came to the (Tarot) year of the Hanged Man and Death last year. In the summer of 2019, I felt the year of Death by getting seriously ill with pneumonia and I longed seriously for a RE-Birth. I was burnt out from my work. Everything that I have built up in my practice up till then, felt as if it had destroyed me emotionally. I have come face to face with a symbolic ‘Death’ stage of life.

I felt physical pain in my body, manifesting as a sensation of carrying all pain that ever existed in humanity, as if I am the mother of everything, who carries her ‘children’ in her body to bring them into matter from the dark to the light; trying to transform this earthly pain into something beautiful. I wondered about this sensation. Is it hubris to feel so? Is this even my responsibility? Is it an egocentric identification with an archetype which is not my responsibility to take on? Why do I feel so responsible? Why do I feel as if I have to be the ‘hero’? I do not have to control everything and figure it all out by thinking how to help, change and save everything and everyone. This is the energy of Key 4, expressed in me in this human way.

Experiencing Key 4 so deeply, helped me understand the power of this Archetype, but also the disadvantage of its human expressions. The difference between human design and Divine intention of this Archetypal energy, lies in the dance between the experience and the insight gained, and then the willingness to transform. In our human design, compassion and championship can become destructive; it contains a polarity. The Divine design of this Archetype tells me about the need for movement and boundaries; that there is continual growth and transformation in the cosmos and that rootedness and belonging exists in Divine essence not in personal identity, relationships, constructions or property.

In my desperate search for a re-birth, I started a Soul Art Journey, which took me out of my head and back into my soul through art. Art rejuvenated my spirit and over the last 9 months I finally felt a true re-birthing of myself into a intuitive and embodied ‘transformer-of-energies’. Then I recognized the true meaning of the Temperance, the balancer of energies from the Earth and the Universe, into practical wisdom.

I got a glimpse of this ‘ocean of Life’ in my body as the alchemical energy field that transforms the ‘blood’ dripping from the crown of thorns on my forehead, symbolizing the perspiration to understand death and pain experiences, into a swirling vortex of rainbows symbolizing joyful revelations of wisdom. This rainbow-vortex, ocean of life, wipes out duality and mysteriously unites the dark pain and the beauty of light into an ever-moving oneness. The darkness of pain becomes compost-rich soil, food (nurturance) for new growth and evolution towards wholeness, completeness and fulfillment. The well-being and beauty of vitality becomes the fuel and seeds to grow in the compost rich soil.

The ‘sensitivity to the vibration of pain’ and the ‘boldness of wellbeing’ is actually two essential ingredients of one powerful potent medicine: the essence of creative exuberance.

Like the alchemist and the peacock, I can now take in the poison of pain, and the hurt of many generations of children in my womb (ancestral and future generations) to transform it into the organic rainbow, a grapevine, producing rich fruitful nourishing light-wisdom medicine, swirling in a continual phoenix-like vortex of creative change and growth.

I feel the energy of the alchemist; my body is alchemy, like a peacock, a force of change and healing through play, fun, storytelling and exuberant life energy.

The shift, from Key 4 cycle to the Key 5 cycle, happened and my new phase has begun to show me some of the qualities I will be learning about, experiencing and developing over the next ten years.

Key 5 is about the next Archetypal Portal 5, which describes the mission of the Observer/Teacher. This Divine portal corresponds to the 7th Chakra, at the crown of the head. Portal 5 corresponds to the Tarot mythology of the Hierophant, teacher of mysteries and ‘Higher’ wisdom that becomes Temperance, the one who allows the mystical waters to flow through her body from the heavens down into the earth and form the earth upwards towards the heavens. This circulation of energetic flow of wisdoms manifest in her life in practical insights. She stands for farsightedness and balance of energies between the realms of existence. She is the natural progression of the Emperor phase; but that also means that the Emperor can create systems more in alignment with higher perspective. The progression of phases is not about better or worse or more important than others; it is about natural refinement in consciousness for all the parts that is in existence inside of us and in the universe.

Key 5 is about modesty and teaching ‘meaning’, sharing discoveries derived through studies and experiences revealed and retained through penetrating observations ‘above and beyond’ pure intellect.

What Archetypal Cycle are you in and how are you growing through your transitions?

Love and Blessings to you,


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