What knowledge, awareness or resources do you have that you can use and or share to help build a sustainable new future?

The current pandemic state in the world, is reminding us all of what we have been neglecting. We have neglected, ignored and demeaned our vulnerable sides; within ourselves and in our communities.

We have been told and started to believe that only ruthless rational intelligence, status and money, gives us power.

The vulnerable parts of our nature, such as our unconscious mind, the non-verbal, right brain faculties or our emotional intelligence, as well as our aboriginal and sensitive cultures, that relates to the earth and nature cycles etc., are not important.

Our nurses and caretakers; the soft-spoken people in our society; the true wisdom keepers and the nature whisperers; the ones in touch with the bigger and higher cycles of life; those people who detect and absorb the pain in their environments; those are all the ones not honoured or even respected.

But in fact, it is the unconscious deeper wisdom and values that truly decides our destiny; that forms the core of our nature and directs humanity’s path. And these are the parts we need to bring back to us, so we can move forward as a whole.

Time is now confronting us with re-connecting with our neglected sides; to truly remember and re-discover the truth of our essence.

Time is now confronting us with recognizing and appreciating our artists, mystics and poets.

Time is now confronting us to appreciate our caregivers and front-runners of our deepest collective and cooperative human spiritual needs.

Have you neglected your intuition, your relationship with your unconscious, your deeper truest skills and talents, relationships with your higher self, nature and the universe, because you thought you have to be what general society advocates?

Unconsciously you have been preparing for this moment in time your whole life.

Why do I say this, and how can I say such a thing?

From what I see where I sit in the world in my psychotherapy office, I notice that the very symptoms most people manifest right now; that of fear, anxiety, frustration and depression, are the underlying seeds waiting to burst out into new forms of contributing actions that is needed to re-balance life.

People suffering these symptoms just need to remember that and initially do not recognize it because we have been suppressing the very nature of why symptoms happen. Conventional society prescribes symptoms as weaknesses that needs to be ‘treated’. Sometimes that is true but let me give you some examples of why I feel different about this matter.

A 14-year-old young lady presented with symptoms of anxiety and depression, staring in December, long before the Covid-19 pandemic transpired. Fine combing her history, family and social circumstances and psychological experiences in depth as a Clinical Psychologist, I did not find any obvious reason and could not confirm any depth dynamic hypothesis of possible causes for her presenting symptoms. Exploring her hopes and fear for the future, it turned out that she felt a sense of change approaching in the world around her, but dreaded the state of bias, prejudice and imbalances she noticed. She talked about illogical discrimination against gay children from their Christian family members, unhappy and fearful schoolmates living in abusive households and unfair treatment of less fortunate community members. I encouraged her to think of ways to make a difference in the world from her very current position that she was in. How could she contribute to, or support, the change she wanted to see? Two weeks later, when I spoke to her again, she has organized a website with friends to support her pears who felt anxious and depressed, which has grown to more than 80 young people around the globe. They draw, paint, knit, listen to music, and have discussions about equality, how to deal with anxiety and depression and share laughter with each other.

You see, your personal experiences and feelings informs you of something deep inside that needs your attention and action. It brings out your talents, compassion or awareness of what needs action in your own life, if not towards caring for others.

What is directly in front of you right now that needs your practical attention?

Another example is that of a man in his sixties. He developed severe anxiety and depression two weeks into the announcement of the pandemic. He realized that he never truly dealt with the deeper complexity of his childhood fear of abandonment. He realized this is his time to fully heal and concluded that his whole life long he abandoned himself – his vulnerable side – as he did with his current family. The lock-down and self-isolation have given him an opportunity to go deep within to cultivate new relationships with himself, his family and his higher self.

We have all unique contributions to make. Not everyone needs to focus on others and not everyone needs to focus on themselves. What has your life prepared you for?

What you have prepared for throughout your life may be the very opposite to what you have been focusing on. Whatever you need to realize right now, is the ‘thing’ that you can contribute to the new sustainable and balanced reality humanity needs right now.

We have an opportunity to create that new personal and collective future, but we need to choose to do so. It is a choice we have to make right now.

Join my workshop on April 20, 2020, to refine your ability to recognize your personal shift in this global change, and how to go about transitioning into the new reality.


Lets work together in this online adventure to find exactly what knowledge, awareness or resources you have, that you can use, and or share, to help build a sustainable new future?

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