#Empaths, when you struggle right now, realize that the pain you feel for what is going on in this world right now, is an indication that you are chosen to be here at this time specifically. As an Empath, I have recently realized that I have been preparing all my life for this moment, just like you, to transform the pain that I keep on feeling into Love. I realized that deep beneath my ‘#sensitivity for the vibration of pain’ lies a very deep Love. This is why we as Empaths feel such pain, because we tap into that #Divine Love that our world needs right now. The pain is the counterpart of a deep Love. It is because of the Love you are capable of that you feel so much pain. And you, just like me, are ready to send out that Love energetically.

When you feel the pain of humanity’s suffering, it is not for you to suffer in it, but to transform it. We are registering pain so that we can transform it into that Universal Divine Love; that Love we tap into. Go deep beneath the pain, and you will find that Love there. You and I are #Empath Warriors who are here now, to register the injustice and pain and not suffer it but spread the Love. We know pain intimately and identify it collectively for a reason. This is why I say to you that this is your time now, Empath. This is our moment to contribute. You have been trained your whole life for this moment in history. Let’s do this Beloveds.

Your sensitivity to the vibration of pain is a gift to access Divine Love.

Jayni Bloch

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