#riots Many of my USA and Canadian friends are incredibly upset, hurt and shocked about events happening around us right now.
The riots are a ‘symptom’ of a whole unhealthy system, not the problem itself. Addressing the riots with violence does not help at all. It is the result of longstanding pain that erupted in a ‘symptom’. The peoples collective ‘pain’ that caused this reaction of violence is a desperate symptom that cries out for acknowledgement. Owning up to the attitudes and prejudiced discriminatory, behaviour that caused the pain, and changing the systemic rot, will cure the problem. When a body gets ill, we don’t only try to get rid of the symptom, but need to heal the system, otherwise the symptoms will continue!
Leaders need to take charge to do that kind of owning up, like our leaders here in Canada is doing. The riots are the result of the ‘pain’ not being heard or acknowledged. That is why it manifests in symptoms and reactions of this kind.

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