Our experiences are packed with myth, math and metaphor related to the Universe’s Archetypal patterns that resonates within us. The Universe creates endless grids, rhythms and patterns that we partake in, consciously or unconsciously, in our everyday life experiences.
The Universe is in perpetual rhythmic motion. The Universe is a dance of sound, light, and colour. When we pay attention, our consciousness evolves through the alchemy of time, connecting with the Archetypal messages in the rhythms. Let us become aware of the meaning and recognize the patterns that informs us of the potentialities of our personal and collective transformation needed at any particular time-phase.

We are currently in a Death phase of life. We are dragging up the skeleton bones of our neglected and discarded parts; the personal and collective aspects of our psyches that we do not want to admit. These dark shadows that has been pushed to the bottom of our dark unconscious, has surfaced to be resembled and brought back to healthy life.

Only our open ‘hearts’ know how to Love life back to health. Only our Soul knows how to drink the ‘tears’ of surrender, grief and loss and re-birth new meaning into existence through bringing the lost parts together; assembling to skeleton bones back to being.

Every person needs to make peace with Death at one time or other as lady Death is so much part of the process of Life. ‘Death’ are those parts of ourselves we avoid or hide and never talk about. Death are the minority aspects of ourselves of our humanity we try to avoid, hurt, repress and hurt. But the Skeleton parts of us we think we managed to die, get pulled up from memories, dreams and reality. They surface from the depths of our unconscious and in society. We fish Death out from the darkness, when the time comes to deal with her; and we give birth again to a more authentic Self and collective humanity.

‘Skeleton Woman’ always appears when we need to incubate new life from what we tried to hide form ourselves and in our culture. She appears when we need to make peace with the parts of ourselves, we wanted to get rid of and throw over the cliff. But whatever we do, she comes back to haunt us insisting to claim new live again. When we soften our hearts, look our ugly black dirty secrets, we thought we got rid of, in the eye; lose our fear of ‘her’, we allow her to be re-assembled to contribute to a new and healthy consciousness. Even if ‘she’ looks like something nasty at first, ‘She’ is always a treasure brought to the surface. She brings us closer to the reality of Life-Death-Life Cycles that help us transform and evolve. When we face Skeleton Woman, we face Life and understand the continuum of existence.

I definitely feel the transitory nature of material life intensely, having gone through many experiences of having to begin over again, after many ‘death’ phases of life experiences. This kind of experience is well known to everyone with the Champion-Director Archetype as part of their destined life journey, or anyone who happens to encounter this Archetype and part of their inner Soul development.

As I learn from experience to experience, the Archetypal occurrences for me, become more subtle over the years as they have become more and more internal and spiritual. It removes attachment to ideas, people and circumstances, but this is not always easy. For example, the death experience has taught me to, even in my art, practice release of attachment by not feeling that an art-piece is my possession or came purely from me as an individual. All personal ‘importance’ has diminished, or shall I say, I practice letting personal importance flow through and out of me, as a temporary human emotion of delight, however flitting and then it leaves me to experience another informative human event. Every experience informs me of the Nature of the Universe. This is what the ‘Emperor-Death-Fool’ Archetype has taught me; build and create, die the phase and importance of it, then take the teaching further to another level to experience the next aspect of infinite creativity. I am here as a human to experience the parts and creative aspects of this amazing unlimited Divine Potentiality. The sense of importance becomes a sense of universal experience and this has a tendency to channel universal energies as a conduit. I am still connected to my earthly experiences, senses and delights, but with an ever-present observer’s spirit which keeps me in touch with Divine purpose and flow. There are more realities and dimensions than the material one alone. These multidimensional realities are present and happening simultaneously in every second of my life. To stay aware or at least to remind myself, or move between them every day, is a practice until they all become conscious as an everyday magical and adventurous actuality.

People too are beautiful and wonderful, and I learn and share from everyone, but I do not idealize anyone and do not need to be idealized by anyone. We all learn and share from each other and move on. No-one is more important than your own relationship with Divine.
This brings me to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of painstakingly creating beautiful colourful sand mandalas and then destroying them gently by compassionately moving their hands through the sand in gesture of ‘it is all just temporary’. This is a ritualistic dismantling of completed processes of dedication and attention to learn and move on to the next step.
This is how ‘death’ is part of life and confronts us with the reality of the ongoing journey of discovery of how the Universe works in us and through us. How beautiful!

The Archetypes are a profound Divine map that takes, each one of us uniquely, through cycles of evolution of consciousness. We are in a collective Death phase right now. If you feel this in your bones, and are serious about learning how you move through life to learn and integrate all the Archetypal parts that exist in you in a conscious way, and how your experiences informs you of how to transform your human awareness into multidimensional awareness, please join my Shamanic Journey through the nine essential Archetypes online workshop series. I have gone through this Archetypal Journey many times and now offer my guidance to support you to do the same and find your own unique expressions of these powerful essences.
You will find information on this workshop on my website.

It is easy to love beauty and pleasure, but not so much the challenges and the things we fear. Can you and will you dare to do so? The rejected and neglected parts in us and around us, are thirsty and hungry to be accepted and seen; personally, and collectively. Untangling and feeding the non-beautiful parts of our self through art, metaphor, connecting with Archetypes, is a shamanic poses of healing and growing. It takes a heart that is willing to die and live again in a new way to enter into conversation with your ‘wild’ nature; to listen to your inner voice, to connect with Life-Death-Life herself. Then the re-birth happens. The embodiment of wisdom and the action of fierce authentic Self-expression.

What is the name of the Skeleton Woman that you need to face right now?

How are you untangling your Skeleton Woman; untangling the bones of Death, the non-beautiful, in your life that you fear?

How is the non-beauty/death supporting new life in you?

Can you untangle the bones of the neglected and hidden parts of yourself?

What will you give her to drink to quench her thirst?

What will you sing to her to help her flesh out new life?

How will you feed her longings?

How will she feed you now?

A Shamanic journey is an intensely personal one where you connect with higher dimensions and uncover the ‘medicine’ for your life (and sometimes for others when you are ready) from the pain and crisis that informs it. This journey leads you to your deepest wisdom that lie in the blackest darkness, beyond the result of your own cultural heritage and socialized beliefs or organized religion. Your personal interaction and relationship with Divine, spirits, ancestors, energetic Archetypal essence, animal allies, angels, etcetera, are an embodied experience that informs your unique worldview. Your journey is unique and personal and not about dogma. Your Shamanic Journey usually starts with deep individual and or cultural ‘life-and-death’ crisis, that calls your inner soul to an authentic desire to leap beyond the boundaries of institutionalized ideologies. When faced with the pain and challenging difficulties of your life-death crisis, the calling to explore deeper begins, like for all medicine women and men of all time. The Shamanic Journey is also an ongoing process and ever-changing as you move through time with new awareness growing all the time. For me, it is about the collection of lost parts of being that I see reflected in all of life when my inner eye is open. That is when I feel that I am one and all, even though I am an individual in a specific form in time right now; I am also eternal and part of all and all is part of me. As we do this work, we know that despite our fascinating uniqueness’s, there is no difference between people. We are all connected.

Join my upcoming online intense Shamanic workshop through the Archetypes. https://genian.net/workshops.html

Love and blessings to you all,


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