Of course, you can be proud of your heritage and your culture. Of course, you can honour your ancestors and predecessors, but it is also important to evolve from the pain, loss, resentment and bitterness that your history still opposes on you from cellular memory. The wounds of our ancestors are affecting us today in how we live with all people, different to us, because of historical atrocities.

Many of us suffered discrimination in some way or other and because of our survival instincts, identified with the wounds of how that discrimination impacted us, whether we are white, black, red or yellow. We have all hurt each other trying to survive.

Because of our survival instinct, each culture feels intensely connected to our histories, both because of loyalty, the sense of identity and belonging, and because of the struggles and painful narratives connected to them. All nations and cultures have had to become survivalists to some extent in a world where everyone had to compete for the ‘morsel’, against each other. The competition and survival strategies every nation and culture invented, and used to make a mark in life, required them, up till now, hurt and oppress ‘competitors’, people of difference, or become victimized and gagged for their own survival and assertion of worthiness.

The survival strategies used to impose on others were sometimes subtle and sometimes monstrous, using wit, cunning or violence; it helped to cope, rule or survive, but it has brought us to this point in history that we can no longer sustain life on Earth with this self-centred, fundamentalist competitiveness. These strategies have become so insidious that it penetrated even modern-day companies and systems, like education and others.

Not any one culture or system is meant to stand alone, bringing in only their own kind. It breeds hatred and fuels hurt, fundamentalism and resentment all the way around. We may all be different, but that is the point in the universe – each difference brings a gift to complete the whole, if only we can see this truth. When we keep on excluding ourselves from recognizing the other’s gifts to the whole, we break ourselves and perpetuate hate and hurt.

Cultural survival strategies either dis-empowers others to maintain control for exclusive benefit, or it breeds ‘dark’ rebellion that sabotages the ‘rulers’ that robs identity, worthiness and power. Survival strategies do not work any longer; the times are changing and each person, each culture, no matter who or where they come from is worthy to be recognized and contribute their unique contributions to the whole. But for this to happen, we need to recognize that we are a whole as a humanity and start to listen, understand and appreciate differences for the qualities they have to ‘complete’ the puzzle of human life. Co-operation and interdependence are needed in today’s world. We need to understand others beyond our differences and empower each other. This is the time to heal individually and collectively to revitalise the whole world and humanity.

Collective healing is not very different from personal healing. Inclusive Love is needed personally and collectively; but we always start with the personal.

In the personal healing journey, the individual moves beyond the family, ancestral and cultural or social conditioning and narratives that keeps them wounded to meet their inner aspects of being that is usually in conflict. Yes, within us there are many conflicting polarities, exactly like it is in the world around us. Most of us deny these polarities or are blissfully unaware of them. Being unaware of personal polarities and internal conflicts, causes projection, blame, hatred towards others and denial of personal shortcomings. This is the human condition. The state of our internal personal polarities is reflected on how we project these onto others. For instance, unresolved internal conflicts and wounds are perceived as people or issues on the outside of us; as not belonging to us, especially when it is people we do not agree with or feel are different to us. Controlling others is a form of fear, where power becomes a false way of staying safe from whom you fear. Money or status and even educational titles can also be a form of power that serves the same goal to elevate yourself beyond another. Intention is important here; the intention is to serve humanity or the whole, in contrast with trying to gain power over others, makes the difference.

Conflicting needs between our instinctual, emotional and intellectual sides are sometimes promoted by cultural ideas or beliefs, which becomes so ingrained that we become vitrified and stagnant that we are unable to grow or develop beyond a certain era.

There is something greater than the cultural and the familial or the personal in the human psyche, that completes the individual’s wholeness. It is an unconditional Love for all the polarized parts inside the psyche that represents the outside universe with all its elements and parts. This Love is greater than human love and only comes for a Divine source.

Human nature struggles with the divine ‘parts’ because they express themselves in us as polarities. These polarities create Divine Conflicts within us as a method to help us become creative. These conflicts are sparks that initiate union if only we listen and do the work to see that. The Universe is a union of opposites that functions co-cooperatively; every aspect and element have its place and task. The qualities that makes up the psyche and the personality are both good and bad, positive and negative. We heal by complete unconditional acceptance of these parts and their contributions to life. We heal our roots by understanding and acknowledging the reality of our humanness and survival impulses, but also our fallibility and ‘sins’ against each other. We can then go beyond the pain to grow into a wholeness bigger than our humanness, connecting to the Divine essences present in each of the qualities within us and within each other.  

Justice is important to achieve, and there is a time when we need to speak up against injustice, but then we need to eventually heal. Everyone partakes and participate in this healing, collectively it cannot be done alone or in one culture only. To heal means that everyone involved, perpetrators and victims, cannot stay revelling in our historical pain.  The memories of injustices we carry in our cells need to heal because if it does not, we only repeat and confirm the fallible identities of who we think we are, and that identity keeps us bitter, revengeful and propagates hatred, greed and a desire to overpower or prove ourselves in some way or other. Healing helps us to grow beyond cultural, personal or familial identity towards our Divine reason for being on earth.

When we heal our ‘roots’, we are ready to heal our personal relationships; how we connect with our loved ones. And when those relationships are healed, we are ready to relate to all the people in our environment. From there we heal to Love with compassion and then to Love inclusively and Cosmically and Mystically.



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