The stone-keeper © 1999-Jayni Bloch (thinking of the preservation and destruction of the resources of our Mother Earth and the re-emergence and awareness of Feminine Energy)
She heard the tap-tap-taping echo through the forest. The metallic zing sounded louder and louder as she approached the entrance to the woods. She came from deep within the green richness, disturbed by the piercing sound of metal.
Two boys were chipping at the big rock that stood at the entrance to the woods. Their chisels flashed flickers of reflecting sunlight. They shuddered with fright when she spoke to them.
“What are you doing?” Her inquiring voice was soft and caring.
Surprise showed in their eyes. She appeared unexpectedly, interfering with the boy’s efforts to chip something out of a rock they felt were valuable. They answered hesitantly, ” We are trying to get this shiny piece out of the big rock”
“Our teacher said we must find interesting rocks to bring to school.”
The chiselling sound stopped long enough to give the birds time to chirp again.
The boys looked away trying to ignore the woman and started chiselling again. The “tap-tap zing” sounded against the huge rock as the metal chisels chipped and tapped.
“I wonder how this mother-rock feels about you trying to take a piece of her?” the woman said softly.
The boys stopped abruptly and looked at her with big eyes. She got their attention now.
“What if that piece is her heart that you want to take?”
Their eyes blinked with recognition, but they did not say a word.
“Did you ask the mother-rock if she would let you take a piece of her?”
“Maybe she doesn’t want you to take that part of her, but maybe there is another part of her that lies somewhere around here that she would not mind you to have. Maybe the piece she wanted you to have is not so difficult to get?”
Again, there was a moment of silence while the brothers contemplated the strange woman’s words. Is she cruel or what? Where did she come from anyway? She spoke as if she knew that rock at the entrance to the forest.
“Shall we go and see if there are lose stones you can use for your project? See, here are some. They are really pretty and can just be picked up”
Wide eyed, the boys looked at the stones on the ground as if they saw them for the first time. They looked back at the big rock at the entrance of the woods and glanced at the makings they made on the shiny part of it. They looked at the stones on the ground, picked some up and investigated them closely.
“Yes, this is good” one of the boys said, “I’ll use this one.”
“I’ll use this one,” the other shouted in excitement.
Birds came closer once more and began to sing. There was no more chiselling. The metal noise stopped, and the boys ran home giggling, each holding a stone to show at school the next day.
At the entrance of the forest the woman smiled and touched the big rock lovingly, allowing her hand to hold the shiny core for a moment as if she wanted to wipe out the chisel marks.
A soft breeze rustled the leaves in the trees as the boys looked back to wave at the woman, but she was gone.
Not many see the shiny glowing heart of the rock at the entrance of the forest. Not many know of the woman in the forest that watches over the stones. She speaks to some children who are willing to hear her, but most people don’t and hurt the forest. She cries when that happens and hope that there will be more children who are willing to see the ‘heart’ in every rock, tree, animal and wild plant. She hopes that these children will live to protect Mother and regard her as she gives so much to us.
I wrote this story after experiencing the forest and what was happening there…22 years later, developers came in to destroy all the trees and levelled the ground, crushing all the rocks to make space for new homes! I could hear Her cries and the coyotes crying with her at night. The birds become silent once more and the sound of metal grinding and working cuts into the air. The Stone-keeper is silent against the giant Earth-robbers with their money-power. Her voice still whispers in the wind for those who can hear.
Blessings to you all.

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