Many sensitive people, who care about humanity and our Earth are in despair lately. Politics, Covid-19 social distancing and the prospect of illness and possible death, systemic discrimination, global warming, and finances, among many other concerns, are getting to us.

I honestly believe, because of studying the bigger Astrological cycles in life, and because of my Archetypal understandings and experiences, that now is the time for everyone who truly care for others and Nature to step into a leadership capacity. The kind of leadership appropriate to caring souls, who feel and think beyond colour, race, religion or politics, is one of standing up for Love in all its divine forms, without any self-serving intentions. It is time to stop wanting for ourselves, and time to care for all people. Empaths especially have this gift of Love already hardwired in their DNA but need to focus on the Big Picture and less on the pain they suffer. That pain is Love in its power form and should be used as such, instead of falling into a martyr mentality. We lose focus of the reason why we are sensitive, and that sensitivity is about serving, not to succumb to the energy of others who are self-centred around us. Do not become like the ones that hurt. Stay strong in your gift of seeing and feeling and keep on sending Love into the world. Live Love and be Love and show Love. That is who you are and why you are chosen to be here during this challenging time my People. There need to be those who balance the imbalances in timelines on earth and you are the ones who will reset the balance if you stay focused on the job of spreading Love. Do not lose sight of your purpose and do not despair. It is not about what you fear it is all about how you handle what you see and how you use your gifts of vision and consciousness to extend and increase Divine Love energetically and in all practical ways.

Love and Blessings on your Earthly Journey,


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