The physical world is mostly not felt, except for being aware of the need to survive. Hunger, warmth and comfort, security and love, status and power, is what we are after on a daily level and it occupies all of our attention. We are running so hard to elevate ourselves that we trample on each other, blindly destroying ourselves by hurting each other. Those who do not trample, feel trampled and become victimized. They lose all their power and confidence in life and others, and it leaves humanity in two groups; those who have and those who have not.

When forced to live in a ‘cave’, whatever form that might take, we slow down in the struggle to endure, and become aware of our heartbeat, our breath, the night, the stars, the wind, the sun the rain and the owls, the wolves and coyotes, the way the trees breath and how slow they talk. We become aware of another ‘breath’, something much bigger than us or what is around us. That bigger breath is a lifeforce that we can only sense and touch in a personal cave of silence. This is why I think gurus use to live in caves and could access wisdom. It is in the cave where we meet our ‘higher selves’. It is in the cave that we expand our consciousness beyond the mundane into the vastness of possibilities and wisdom that comes from somewhere mystical. This mystical wisdom and insight come simultaneously from inside and outside of ourselves. It is not concrete but motivates and gives us unexpected purpose. It is the wisdom from our spiritual selves that wakes up.

If we have never visited it before, this year of Covid-19 forces us to go into that ’cave’ of isolation and silence form the noise of having to do the usual. This is the opportunity that we needed all along to focus ‘internally’ so we can reach beyond the everyday into the vastness of being human. It is crucial to be familiar with our internal cave. It is there that we find a reality of deeper understanding and can touch insights that gives purpose and meaning beyond greed, power and status. If not, we become savage in our greed and other survival modes. Humanity have shown signs of savage behaviour towards each other for a long time. It is time to change.

Go into that ‘cave’ willingly and expand your consciousness. See new possibilities of life on earth and act constructively to repair the harm we have done so far.

I know that I am preaching to the already converted. Those who are glued to the savage behaviour are mesmerized and so deeply addicted that they are not easily moved out of their commitment to themselves. This is not a criticism but a prayer for liberation form blindness towards compassion. Everyone who ‘sees’ what we are doing to each other and our Earth stand together with me in this prayer of Love, so we can support our fellow humans to wake up before it is too late – if it isn’t already.

Love and Blessings,


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