Archetypes are not their representations in the form of goddesses and gods, or their myths. Archetypes are beyond and above these expressions and idols. The idols and myths teach us about the Archetypal essences but are not those themselves.When we talk of Archetypes as the key structures of the psyche, we talk about those distilled essences that contains all potentialities, as cosmic blueprints and concepts, in the Universe which express uniquely in co-creative ways around, in and through us. These Archetypes are in us and also speak to us in the processes we experience as personal developmental and evolutionary challenges, as well as collective challenges. Sometimes our personal challenges are inter-related with the collective challenges around us. The great myths, mythical characters, gods and goddesses, are all images that represent expressions of the Archetypes but not the Archetypes themselves.Archetypes can only be truly understood by direct and personal experience. Do not avoid listening to the message in your heart as an Archetype speaks though an experience or challenge. Access the constructive essence in the archetype that is speaking to you and act according to what it is trying to recreate constructively in your life. The idols representing certain expressions of the Archetypes serve as inspiration and models for the essential potential that we personally need to express in our own unique ways.We all access all the Archetypes even though they tend to be lenient enough with us to speak to us one by one as we unfold throughout time and circumstances on our life journey. We also tend to resonate with specific Archetypes, more than others, but that does not mean that the ones we resonate with are the only ones we need to hear and work with. Our connection with Archetypes makes us think that the Archetype is in the idol of a god or representative image, but not so. For example, when someone say they feel connected to the Greek goddess Athena, they may actually mean that they relate to the essence of intellectual investigation; bridging different concepts from different schools of thought and imagining new possibilities flowing from there. This is akin to the energy of the Archetypal Magician energy in general, which essence relates to the Mercurial performance of inventing original possibilities from assimilating the code foundations of existence in new ways. The Greek Goddess Athena is a representation and idol of the core Archetype of intellectual strategies and Magic, but not the only expression of this Archetype. It is important to understand that the Archetypes are creative Universal Concepts and not idols.My personal journey through life, urged me to investigate the Archetypes though deep personal experiences and observations, as well as in my professional life of other’s histories and experiences during certain times of challenges during their lives. I notice the power of the Archetypal essences as Guides and Informers of ‘creative creators’ of qualities, healing and evolution whether we use the information and experiences to become enlightened or not. We find these Archetypes in our challenges and work with them till we get it. If we don’t get it, the challenges reoccur over and over in different ways till we live up to the challenge.

Love and Blessings,


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