2021 – What does the future hold?

Why are we so interested in what the future hold? I think we humans love to live on hope that things will get better. We are eternal optimists, unless times turn very bad. Even then, we want to believe that times will change for the better. But how does things change for the better you may ask? Does it happen magically, it is up to fate or luck as they say?

Let us think about that for a moment…I really believe that things change for the better when we act on what we learn in our moments of struggle. When we apply our insights into actions and new behaviour, during everyday reality, the changes we wish for materializes in the future. Therefore, the deeper realizations that we learn during difficult times, manifest in shifts in our future. We create our own future, during collective changing times. In other words, we personally contribute to how we use the themes of the time we live in.

If we feel afraid and live with fear and resentment of what is given, we create more pain and fear. The suffering expands; when we realize what is to use the moment constructively and use the lessons of our time and given circumstances, we grow constructively in psychological and spiritual ways.

For instance, during Covid-19 in 2020, we may have felt vulnerable, isolated and frustrated with our social circumstances. Everyday life was, and is, affected in ways we could not have imagined; we are isolated from social events, have to work at home and online engagements are a new necessity. Online homeschooling, hand-washing, mask wearing, and social distancing requires effort and awareness. The fact that this virus is so long-lived and persistent, with no certain end or solution in sight, makes us weary and aggravated. The question to ask yourself is: How do you personally benefit from this time? I know it is a strange question that you really don’t want to think about, but seriously, what is this time giving you an opportunity for that you never had before? How is this time an opportunity for you? How can you use this time to your benefit psychologically and spiritually? What is it that you have neglected in your soul that you have an opportunity to catch up with?

Answering this question is what I think gives us a glimpse on how to find the insight and the action on this insight that will help us create our future in constructive ways.

We really have to change our thinking and our actions if we want to create a better future; the future does not happen by luck or destiny alone; we are participants in this creative process on earth.

We create our future from what we learn from the past and how we apply those insights in conscious action every day.

In 2020, I have learned that I hold too much responsibility for others healing. Now I am learning by conscious action, to allow others to own that responsibility themselves, so they can develop the strength to grow on their own, with a certainty about their own capacities and inner recourses. Compassion may be negative when it is too much, just as it is a negative when one has too little.

I have also learned that to take care of my emotional, physical and spiritual needs, more consciously, contributes to the overall caring of others; if I am ‘full’ I give from a full cup and not an empty one.

To have an opportunity to slow down and consider my true values and live with simplicity and sincerity, is what life gave me in 2020.

I also learned how important it is to adapt to circumstances without revolt when I have no control or power to change things. Until the time is right to have a choice, I have to consider the safety of the whole (all of humanity). Co-operation is the key here. Sometimes life requires of us to co-operate with the whole and other times to be individualistic – to look out for self.

2020, and maybe 2021, is definitely a time to think of the ‘whole’ when it comes to not spreading the virus.

As an individual, every one of us can only think of how to use the time in the best way possible for self-development on a psychological and spiritual level. I believe it helps by keeping my hands and feet busy; cooking, cleaning, sewing, pottering, creating, reading, walking, meditating, learning new skills, and doing all things to make the best of life during these circumstances.

What did you realize or learn? Are you noticing what it is that you need to change with your actions or behaviour? What do you need to change in your life? How are you going to respond to what you have learned, actively, in 2021? How are your new actions going to manifest in what the future holds for you? What are you manifesting in 2021?

May you know clearly what to take action about in your life, with conscious awareness and a willingness to co-create your future, and in this way also the collective future for humanity.

Blessings for doing so in 2021.


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