The relationship between our cognitive consciousness and the expansive potential of the non-linear personal and collective unconscious, creates a new mysterious, elevated level of ‘consciousness’ that supersedes the original parts. The collective unconscious is only called unconscious because we are not aware of its potency when we do not allow it to communicate with us. This concept of interrelationship between the cognitive and non-linear, underlies the essence of creativity, and a creative life of self-development and healing. For me there is no more separation between the practical world and the magical, no separation between the logical and the mystical.

We are all experiencing a shift in the time phase on earth right now that is urging us to find balance between opposites; within ourselves as well as between ourselves and others. By allowing ourselves to connect our rational consciousness with the collective consciousness, a new equilibrium in the world can be created.

Join my Creativity Circles every month to play with concepts that will provoke and inspire your ability to find the mystical, magical, creative YOU again.

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Love and Blessings,


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