Jayni Bloch has been practicing as a Psychologist for over 30 years. She is registered with the College of Psychologists in Ontario, Canada. Born and trained in South Africa she came to Canada 21 years ago. Jayni’s consultations, teachings and healing practices are based on integrated Cognitive and Spiritual Healing modalities. She uses Science, Dreams, Symbol Systems and Archetypes in her Therapy-work to help people heal themselves, their relationships, their families and their ancestral-wounds.

Jayni is groomed in scientific principles through her vigorous studies, she is an artist a nature lover, a dreamer and visionary, an observer of celestial cycles and a mystic. Above all, she is a guide to your Healing process.

Her website is at www.genian.net

In her book The Riddle in The Mirror a Journey in Search of Healing , Jayni describes a journey where she learned to understand the power of the archetypes as they express themselves in our personality usually through our unconscious minds. Archetypes are both energetic themes that is found in personality expressions as well as universal psychological processes, where our consciousness evolves according to principles of emotional-spiritual evolution. Jayni compassionately relates to every aspect of human life because of her insight and personal experience with these archetypal processes and potential personality themes. Beneath the outer appearances of our socially conditioned perceptions, she sees into the core of every situation, recognizing the heart of why life unfolds as it does in a personas life challenges and then guides those who want to heal and grow.

Jayni also created Healing Cards with an accompanying Booklet based on her experience and guidance from these Archetypes, after years of recording observations and events in peoples lives that verify these processes. Some processes can be identifies for their themes in experiences throughout a lifetime, and others can be calculated. Yet others are expressed in the words and themes of the emotional experiences an individual comes to therapy with. This powerful tool, Mirrors to your Soul, was designed and created by Jayni Bloch after more than thirty years of research on Archetypes and its application in practice with thousands of clients over 30 years. This tool synthesizes theoretical exploration with practical experience in mind-body-spirit healing. It is a revelation as well as a revolution in the healing field today that confirms that therapy and healing is as much an Art as a science.

This blog talks about everyday spiritual and rational healing principles that Jayni uses in her practice and her personal life.

Jayni would love to hear your opinions, ideas and questions by emailing her at jayni.bloch@gmail.com or make a comment in the comment box

Jayni is an artist and photographer. Visit Jayni’s Moments



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