The next 2019 In-Person Healing Circle will start on September 16, 2019

The Creative Healing Project

Embody your Creative Purpose

Birth a new Consciousness by building a bridge between your Soul-Spirit and your Human Personality using the Creative Process

Mirrors to your Soul™ Archetypal Images, in conjunction with Soul-Art® (a new creative process of which I am curently a student in training to be certified), are tools used in a creative process that activates your transformation. This in-person healing circle supports the evolution of practical psychological healing, mystical consciousness and the creative process of Soul-Art®.

To support your growth and transformation in this fast-changing world today, this workshop is designed to awaken the purpose of your journey on earth during this time, by accessing your deepest Essence through the creative process through Soul-Art®. Creativity is not necessarily art in the traditional sense, but the ‘new’ thoughts, feelings, patterns that grow from the old. Creativity is the process that initiates transformation which results in spontaneous and surprising outcomes more in alignment with your Soul-truth.

This is the Group for you:

If you feel uncertain about the chaos in the world today, but long to find soul clarity through creativity;

If you long to connect with your creative Essence;

If you want to get in touch with your imagination;

If you long for Beauty, Originality and Truth that heals and unites all worlds; 

If you want to converse with a Greater intelligent ‘whole’, directly from inside you, that informs the meaning and purpose of your distinct circumstances.

Join today if these words resonate with your heart.

Learn more about the Group:

Contact me to secure your spot in this group:

Blessings to you all.

Divine your Evolution with

Mirrors to your Soul® Archetypal Images

a Breakthrough-Consciousness Tool in Self-growth

Enroll Now

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