2020 Online Healing Circle will start on January 13, 2020

Art as Mirrors to your Soul®

Embody your Creative Purpose

Birth a new Consciousness over 7 weeks in this online course.

We humans go through challenging life-processes that resembles four stages of spiritual development: 1. via Negativa (the challenging painful and dark nights of the soul experiences); 2. via Creative (making connections between the worlds of pain and blessings to find new solutions); 3. via Transformativa (the transformational actions that coffins embodiment of the insights); and 4. via Posativa (the graceful, happy and blessed times).

This online healing-circle supports the evolution of practical psychological healing and mystical consciousness, acknowledging the natural healing process by activating your soul’s transformation through a creative process.

This is the Group for you:

If you feel uncertain about the chaos in the world today, but long to find soul clarity through creativity;

If you long to connect with your creative Essence;

If you want to get in touch with your Imagination;

If you long for Beauty, Originality and Truth that heals and unites your inner and outer world; 

If you want to converse with a greater intelligent ‘whole’, directly from inside you, your creative ‘genius’, that informs the meaning and purpose of your distinct circumstances and challenges.

If you want to gain confidence and self-empowerment about accessing your inner resources.

If you want to use creativity to access the magic of creation-spirituality to manifest healing change in your life.

In this Creative Process you will:

  1. Abandoning all art techniques.

You will connect with your heartfelt emotions and use paint, collage or any media of your choice, to represent your feelings.

  • Discover that your best qualities in your self-expressions are, what you consider weaknesses or imperfections – and this is true in your life too.

Finding your best Self is to discover how, what you consider flaws become the best and most unique expressions of your true Soul. This is what life wants from you; your unique individual Self.

  • Find that being YOU is the best you can ever be.

It is not about producing good art, it is about producing true and authentic Soul-expressions.

  • Find that miracles unfold through participating in a guided creative process that activates your inner genius.

Don’t do it alone, be guided through the terrain of the psyche to find your own genius and creative breakthroughs. There is no failing in this course; no perfection or academic information or understanding is needed. 

  • Insights have nothing to do with intelligence, analytical understanding or willpower, but everything with spontaneity and authentic Soul emergence.

The most potent insights always come to you when you are willing to receive and listen to your Soul – you don’t have to go and get it in your mind. 

Join today if these words resonate with your heart.

Learn more about the 2020 Online Healing Circle: http://www.genian.net/workshops.html

Contact me to secure your spot in this group: mirrorstoyoursoul@gmail.com

Blessings to you all.

2019 Workshop Testimonials:

From Workshop Participant: Carrie Brown
What was your Intention at the beginning of the Workshop? 
“To be more open, creative and find some kind of transformation.” 
How did you experience the Body-mapping Process and guidance to do transformational work throughout the Workshop?  “I enjoyed the length of the workout. I found working on my body map very helpful and powerful in that I was able to clearly see where my pain was and what is was doing in my body. The guidance was amazing and just what I needed. Jayni guided us outside the sessions with encouraging follow-up emails to our sessions that provided that extra support that was much needed and appreciated.”
What were your breakthroughs and Insights; Did you Achieve your Intention; and how do you feel now? “ I feel that I had many breakthroughs during this workshop. I was able to speak my truth on many different occasions which otherwise I would not have. I am creative – I always had a block when it came to doing anything creative and with this project I was able to overcome that block and actually enjoy the process of painting and creating. I feel that I not only achieved my intention but gained far more insight than I would have imagined. 
I feel free, a part of me transformed, liberated by my truth. I am more content with certain aspects of myself now knowing what I know. I look forward to being more creative as I continue to work on my body map.” 
What do you think of Jayni Bloch’s Guidance in this Workshop? “Jayni is a very powerful healer and guide. She has a way of guiding you to exactly what you already know or need. She pushes you to be accountable in a compassionate way. She provides just the right support you need to do the work and keeps you on track of what is important.” 


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