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Shamanic Journey through Nine Evolutionary Archetypes

Our experiences are laced with myth, math and metaphors related to the Universe’s Archetypal patterns that resonates within us. The Universe creates endless grids, rhythms and patterns that we partake in, consciously or unconsciously, in our everyday life experiences.
The Universe is in perpetual rhythmic motion. The Universe is a dance of sound, light, and colour. When we pay attention, our consciousness evolves through the alchemy of time, connecting with the Archetypal messages in the rhythms. Let us become aware of the meaning and recognize the patterns that informs us of the potentialities of our personal and collective transformation.
Join me in this Shamanic Journey of a lifetime. The time is auspicious right now.

Shamanic Journey through Nine Evolutionary Archetypes

‘Shape-shift’ through the most powerful Archetypes

This painting is about ‘Skeleton Woman’ getting back to life… drumming back her flesh from the ‘heart’ that knows Love; drinking from the ‘dream-tears’ of surrender to grief and loss; re-birthing new meaning in existence… togetherness… Life. We all need to make peace with Skeleton Woman this year, in some way; pulling her bones out of our personal and collective deep unconscious ocean of forgetfulness to allow her to breathe into something new…
Join my online shamanic journey through the nine Essential and primary Archetypes to connect with your Skeleton Woman; and bring her back to life, facing your core fears. See how meeting Skeleton Woman turns your fears and pain into life-giving powers

‘Skeleton woman’ is also called Lady Death, a deity of the Life – Death – Life cycle in Nature. Death is the process of incubating new life.

In her book, Woman Who run with the Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, describes the Inuit story of Skeleton Woman, that was told to her by Mary Uukalat.

A woman was thrown over a cliff into the sea by her father who disproved of something she did. Her skeleton turned over and over in the currents through the years, but one day a fisherman found himself in that haunted area hunting for fish in his canoe. His fishing hook caught Skeleton woman’s rib-cage and he thought he has really caught a big fish. As he struggled with the weight on his hook the sea thrashed and frothed.  His canoe bucked and shook while she tried to disentangle herself. The more he struggled the more determined he got. The hunter scooped up his catch with his net and Skeleton Woman appeared above the waves, her full skeleton body hanging from the tip of his canoe by her long front teeth, crustaceans and coral creatures winking on her skull. The fisherman-hunter cried out in terror and started frantically to paddle his way back to shore trying to get away from Skeleton Woman. But she was hooked in his net and followed him clunking and bumpety-bump, as he fled the shore over the rocks, over the frozen tundra, all the way into his igloo.

She began to eat the frozen fish she grabbed along the path to his home. Panting and sobbing the fisherman lay in the dark of his home, his heart beating link a mighty drum. When he lit his oil lamp, he saw her lying in the corner all tangled up foot over elbow and knee in her rib-cage. The firelight softened her features and he felt himself softening towards her, starting to slowly untangle her bones. He became drowsy and fell asleep. She saw a tear appear from his eye as he slept.  Her deep thirst drew her closer and closer till she drank the tear to quench her incredible thirst. She felt his heart beating and used it as a drum to sing out her flesh with every warm beat. She sang for hair, good eyes and nice fat hands. She sang for every part of her body as she lay wrapped around him. The couple were well fed and taken care of for the rest of their life together.

Every person needs to make peace with Death at one time or other. ‘Death’ are those parts of ourselves we avoid or hide and never talk about. Death gets pulled up from memories or dreams that surfaces from the depths of our unconscious. We unknowingly fish Death out from the darkness, when the time comes to deal with her; and then we give birth again to a more authentic self. She appears when we need to incubate new life from what was hidden. She appears when we need to make peace with the parts of ourselves, we wanted to get rid of and throw over the cliff. But whatever we do, she comes back to life again when we take pity on her, lose our fear of her, and allow her to be re-assembled in new and healthy ways. She is a treasure that was brought up to the surface, even if she looks like something nasty at first. She brings us closer to the reality of Life-Death-Life Cycles that help us transform and evolve. When we face Skeleton Woman, we face Life and understand the continuum of existence.

It is easy to love beauty and pleasure, but not so much the challenges and the things we fear. Can you, will you dare to do so? The rejected and neglected parts in us are thirsty and hungry to be accepted and seen; personally, and collectively. Untangling and feeding the non-beautiful parts of our self through art, metaphor, connecting with Archetypes, is a shamanic process of healing and growing. It takes a heart that is willing to die and live again in a new way to enter into conversation with your ‘wild’ nature; to listen to your inner voice, to connect with Life-Death-Life herself. Then the re-birth happens. The embodiment of wisdom and the action of fierce authentic Self-expression.

What is the name of the Skeleton Woman inside you, that needs to be faced right now?

How are you untangling your Skeleton Woman; untangling the bones of Death, the non-beautiful, in your life that you fear?

How is the non-beauty/death supporting new life in you?

Can you untangle the bones of the neglected and hidden parts of yourself?

What will you give her to drink to quench her thirst?

What will you sing to her to help her flesh out new life?

How will you feed her longings?

How will she feed you now?

In the online workshop we will journey through nine essential qualities and potentialities of personal and Divine Archetypal essences. You will connect and have conversations with each and allow these Archetypes to inform you of its human nature and its trans-formative potential into mystical properties, by entering through portals using the magical keys of each. We will uncover and assemble all the parts of our forgotten ‘Skeleton’, during this 12-session journey.

Each Archetype is alive and energetically active, inside you and outside you in the universe. You will learn to recognize and engage with each Archetype and understand the cycles within yourself that speaks of the Archetypal theme at any specific time that wants to become conscious in you and support you to work towards elevation of your consciousness. Once you recognize these Archetypes and their ‘messages’, travelling different consciousness dimensions becomes a daily experience and awareness within you. Your dreams and sensitivity expand exponentially.

Jayni herself has spent decades ‘travelling’ through the Archetypal energies and dimensions she now shares with you to reveal how to use their essence for healing and growth; and how to follow their cyclical appearance to inform you of your potential transformation in consciousness. You will love the transformation and healing that emerge in you. Listen to your heart and gut and join the online workshop today, if you feel drawn towards this work. Visit the website to enrol –

We will be meeting once a week for 2 hours on Zoom, every week for 12 weeks. Your homework assignments will get personal attention and direction from Jayni. Assignments will include writing, poetry, music and art. You will have an opportunity to express any or all of these in your personal explorations. The documentations and handouts will be yours to use for life.

If you join before June 14, 2020, you receive a little over a 12% discount. The fee is then $2000.00 Canadian Dollars. After June 14 the fee is $2280.00

About Jayni Bloch:

Jayni Bloch has been practising as a Psychologist for over 40 years. She is registered with the College of Psychologists in Ontario, Canada, and a Registered Psychologist in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Born and trained in South Africa she came to Canada 23 years ago. Jayni’s consultations, teachings and healing practices are based on integrated Cognitive and Spiritual Healing modalities. She uses Science, Dreams, Symbol Systems and Archetypes in her Therapy-work to help people heal themselves, their relationships, their families and their ancestral-wounds.

Jayni is groomed in scientific principles through her vigorous studies, she is an artist, a nature lover, a dreamer and visionary, an observer of celestial cycles and a mystic. Above all, she is a guide in your Healing process. Join Jayni’s email list and receive monthly inspirational writings.

Her website is at

In her book The Riddle in The Mirror a Journey in Search of Healing , Jayni describes a journey where she learned to understand the power of the archetypes as they express themselves in our personality, but usually sings forth from our deepest unconscious minds. Archetypes are both energetic themes that is found in our personalities’ expressions, as well as universal psychological processes, and life phases we go through, where our consciousness evolves according to principles of emotional-spiritual evolution. Jayni compassionately relates to every aspect of human life because of her insight and personal experience with these archetypal processes and help you release the potential gifts lying dormant in these archetypal themes. Beneath the outer appearances of our socially conditioned perceptions, she sees into the core of every situation, recognizing the heart of why life unfolds as it does in personal life challenges, and then guides those who want to heal and grow.

Jayni also created Healing Cards with an accompanying Booklet based on her experience and guidance from these Archetypes, after years of recording observations and events in peoples lives that verify these Archetypal processes. Some processes can be identified for the themes in experiences, and others can be calculated. Jayni devised methods to access the hidden information from your Soul/Spirit, and reasons for your challenges, from the conscious or the unconscious mind. Jayni recognizes the themes of your struggles as well as your gifts, in the words you use and the themes of your emotional experiences.

Mirrors to your Soul, was designed and created by Jayni Bloch after more than thirty years of research on Archetypes and its application in practice with thousands of clients over 30 years. This tool synthesizes theoretical exploration with practical experience in mind-body-spirit healing. It is a revelation as well as a revolution in the healing field today that confirms that therapy and healing is as much an Art as a science.

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